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Cutting Sticks – What Are These? You might have heard or read the term cutting sticks if you’re searching for stack paper cutter. These cutting sticks are basically long rectangular shaped pieces of plastics that are varying in length which depend on the size of paper cutter. The cutting sticks are also an integral part of stack cutter but what are they and what it actually does? Cutting sticks are also made from plastic and have a total of four sides. Usually, these sticks are placed in grove on bottom of cutter where the cutting blade of stack cutter will rest after making a cut. Truth is that, these sticks are made from durable plastic materials and designed to last for hundreds or even thousands of cuts before your replace or rotate it. Actually, cutting sticks play a significant role in the cutting process and it helps in producing clean cuts. Due to the reason that the cutting blades rest in cutting stick, the cut is completed properly that then allows the blade to make it through every single sheet and even to the last bottom sheet. Without the presence of cutting sticks, it’ll make the blade to rest at nothing and make the cut incomplete. Stack paper cutting sticks are designed intentionally to prolong the lifespan of paper cutter blade and won’t dull it. The plastic that’s used to create a cutting stick is designed to take the impact from the blade while maintaining its structural integrity. Thanks to its durable design, the cutting blades are able to last through hundreds or thousands of cuts before it has to be replaced or rotated.
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Signs that you have a worn cutting stick typically results in the last 1 or 2 pages not being cut all the way. Prior to replacing the cutting stick, you have to be aware that every stick could be rotated for a total of eight times. It is due to the reason that the blade doesn’t directly rest in the center of cutting stick and each side may be used 2x. To be able to use the same side over again, all you need to do is just flip the cutting stick to a full 180 degrees. Now because the cutting stick is square, you can turn it for a total of four times.
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Ultimately, after all the sides of cutting stick has been used and worn out, they’ll have to be replaced. The good thing is that, these cutting sticks aren’t costly and they’re sold in big quantities as well. Moreover, the suppliers and sellers of such material is quite a lot so finding one in the market will not be stressful.

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