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what are some good books about fighting poverty?

Question by Cpt.Praise The Lord: what are some good books about fighting poverty?

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Answer by radish
A..The texts in this field come from a number of different perspectives and thus have different focuses on how to fight poverty.

B.Some of these several texts :

for a useful oveview article including further references

a series of article outlining
-the poorest countries,
-the poorest States with the USA
-the changes in these levels of global poverty
-As Norway is the country with the lowest levels of inequality by inference this series of articles indicates that their policies are a good way to fight poverty

3. The several works of Peter Townsend and Richard Titmuss still have relevance to how to fight poverty today’s easy to access their key ideas on the internet

again an overview about global poverty with both analysis and discussions of ways of fighting poverty.

5. ‘Poverty, Inequality And Health: An International Perspective’ David Leon and Gill Walt

for an online text on fighting poverty in Europe which a has relevance to fighting poverty globally
‚ÄúTackling poverty with Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in Adult Learning”

on using micro finance to fight poverty

for leads to articles produced during Anti-Poverty Week in Australia 2010

9. Fighting Poverty with Virtue: Moral Reform and America’s Urban Poor, 1825-2000 / Edition 1
by Joel Schwartz
.for a critical overview of the ‘moral reform’ approach.

For an extensive list of the courses within this University’s Institute of Poverty. Then through those websites the several texts used in these different courses. It is focused on both global poverty and on poverty within the USA.

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