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Do i have to take another test if i want to be a nurse in Norway?

Question by Do i have to take another test if i want to be a nurse in Norway?
I just became a licensed vocational nurse in the United States. I have been planning on moving to Norway but wasn’t sure if i would have to take another/different test to get licensed in Norway. Also, what kind of residency would i have to apply for?

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Answer by Lori
You should contact Norway Government about residency and employment eligibility. You should also contact their Healthcare Agency to see what you can do to practice being a nurse there.

HR Manager – US

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Question by Thelotr: Is it possible to move and live in norway?
Is it possible to Move and live in Norway?
Hey! I live in the US im 18. Is there anyway to move to Norway? I have little money and really want to live and work and study there. Is this possible? Im a female btw.
Do we get the same offers as the Norwegians? If i get a “Citizenship” Can i take advantage of the “Free” Schools and such?

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Answer by livesoft
join EU and learn Deutsch. Ich bin 19 jahre alt.

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