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Which is the best country in EU to work ?

Question by Ankit: Which is the best country in EU to work ?
Criteria :-
-Work Permit (VISA)
-Economic situation &
-Work Environment.

Which is the best county in EU to work ?
Please Advise.

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Answer by bla bla
It’s a tricky one to answer as what is “best” for me is not necessarily best for you.

Salary-wise, well of course it depends on your work experience, skills and qualifications as to what kind of salary you can command. However when looking at this, also look at tax-rate and the cost of living. It is all very well an employer offering what you think is a great salary, but when it is hit by high taxes(e.g. Netherlands or Denmark), and/or an expensive country to live in with the cost of living (e.g. Norway), then this may mean that actually the salary is pretty poor

Work-permit – well this depends again on you. Unless you have a family connection, or have skills/experience that qualify you for a high skilled migrant visa (and even this is not ‘easy’) then the chances of getting such a permit in the EU is very difficult as the employer will have to demonstrate that this job cannot be fulfilled by another EU citizen.

Economic situation – well this is the really tricky one, as it is not clear yet for many countries how the coming year or so will be. After a decade of relatively prosperous economies, it is clear that there is a distinct slow-down. Some countries like Spain are already feeling this. Some countries like the UK are issuing dire warning of what could be a major recession (and adjusting their immigration policies accordingly), and others are just monitoring the situation. You would have to be a fortune teller to know what impact (and where) the global credit crunch will have – but for sure times are going to be tougher than recently

Work-environment – again a difficult one as even within a country there is not necessarily one kind of environment. Some companies of course are very formal (suit, ties, strict working times/conditions) and others have more flexible policies (business casual clothing policy, flexible working times etc). So this is the one that I would find the hardest to answer as it requires generalisations which I don’t like personally. Sorry

If I were you, pick a few countries e.g. based on the languages you speak, if you have visited them and liked them etc. Read up online as much as you can. Ask specific questions in the Y!A sections (e.g. per country) and then make sure you contact the local embassies in your country to get the official info.

One final note – there are a lot of scam companies proclaiming to be employment agencies and offering what seems like wonderful jobs. However they are scammers and purely after your money – finding reasons like visa costs, deposits etc to get money from you. So take care if you get such Emails like this.

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Question by Joan Sierra: What are the legal agencies in the philippines where i can apply as a nurse in norway.thank you?

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Answer by lolit
only philippines over seas worker agency i know .

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