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What is the best way to live and work in europe?

Question by Incantevole: What is the best way to live and work in europe?
I am 26 year old american citizen but my dream is to move to europe, it is sounding so difficult to be able to do so. All the permits etc, how do many expats do it?.. or know of any international jobs, etc
I heard the easiest is by marrying a citizen certain countries after 6 months, can get papers on certain countries but that is quite crazy!!.. lol.

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Answer by Uzumaki Kushina
Become an European Ambassador.

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Question by CareerSA: What does the future job prospects look like for a Mechanical Engineer with a masters degree?
So, I need to apply for university in a week… And I’m still undecided. Any mechanical engineers out there want to help me????
I’m a bit concerned about the future job prospects??
I’m also thinking of specializing to obtain a masters in mechatronics. What other specializing is available and needed????
I’m interested in the design aspect to improve functionality of things around us. Research and development is also another area of interest.

Suitable for a girl?
Any help will be greatly appreciated:)

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Answer by Joe
I’m a student who’s doing Mechanical Engineering, and from the research and statistics that I’ve seen, Mechanincal Engineering is the second highest engineering degree in demand (with Electrical Engineering being the first). So I don’t think you should have any problems with looking for a job in the future, especially if you are getting a masters degree. Good Luck.

Also, I would recommend that you try to find internships during the summer to make your resume stand out more in the future. You can talk to college advisors or professors at your university once you get in.

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