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study in Germany/ Norway from Bangladesh?

Question by Ahsan: study in Germany/ Norway from Bangladesh?

I am 26 years old and passed my bachelor in business administration degree (BBA), major in Finance, from Bangladesh. I have almost 3 yrs of working experience in managerial finance section in Bangladesh. Now this time I am willing to complete a Msc in Economics and statistics from abroad.. Though I am not financially sound, I am interested to complete this from Germany or Norway where tuition fees are quite low or affordable for me..But I am not sure about living cost….how much does it cost to live in Germany or Norway per month?? However, how to get part time jobs there for supporting my living cost?? I am learning PHP, html, CSS and other computer supporting stuffs (eager to know these……want to pass my free time working with these in future)…how does these will help me there? In the contrary, I am preparing myself for GRE and ielts exams in few months. My undergrad result is moderate (72%)… is there any full scholarships available there which can supports my cost there? How to get those??

Thanks in advance

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Answer by RWgirl
I’m answering for Norway only since that’s the country I’m know about.

UDI wants to see you have enough money to support yourself (currently NOK 94 400, and goes up every year) when you first apply, and every year when you renew. This is about what you need to live, and honestly, it would be wise to have an extra 20 000 minimum, and possibily a bit more so you can be sure your renewal won’t be declined based on insufficent funds.

Yes, you can work part time (20 hrs/ week during uni, 40 hrs/ week during holidays), but you need to expect it to take a good 6 months or more for you to find work. So having a job to help meet the income requirements for year 3 (if there is one), is perfectly possible. But do expect, and have the resources to support yourself, for at least 6 months with no job.

There’s no scholarships for foreign students, nor do you qualify for student loans. You should perhaps see if there’s anything in your country that could assist you.

I really wish I had something more positive to say. Education is so important, and so very expensive. But do remember, people do it. I see students here in Oslo from all over the world, including very poor countries.

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Question by Bidrohi Nazrul: i want to study i what can i do?

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Answer by Kim
if you’re in college try looking at study abroad possibilities
if you’re in hs, try a foreign exchange student program

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