Hired a yacht off Harwich, what should I do?

Question by ny: Hired a yacht off Harwich, what should I do?
Recently, I had a stroke of luck, and made some extra money, then I saw an ad in the “Sportsman”, about a yacht for hire. I am not a seaman myself, but I wanted to surprise Ethelbertha, my wife (we had our honeymoon recently, and it was curtailed), who mentioned that she yearned for sea air. So, I hired “Rogue” and a skipper who came with her, a Mr. Goyles, for two weeks. I told him my idea, which was to take the outlying Dutch islands and then creep up to Norway. Mr. Goyles told me to buy an inordinate amount of food and drink. He said that what we would not eat, the crew would later take home with them (it was a custom). The first day, we arrived on board and had a very good meal (the cook was good). But, we did not sail, because there was a “land wind”, Captain Goyles said. He said it was dangerous. The next day the wind was in the south, which made Captain Goyles rather anxious, so we did not sail again. It continued the next day, so we stayed on. On Friday the wind was blowing direct from the east, that is, direct from the land, so no good again. A week passed, and during this week, we could not sail, we have had wind from the north, from the south, from the east, from the west—with variations, but it was all no good, because, Captain Goyles said, the coast down here is very peculiar. We are very irritated, Harwich is not an interesting place to spend time in, and we are paying for all these delays, so what should we do?

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Answer by Sal Monella
A fool and his money is soon parted. If you are so stupid to be taken advantage of in this way, then you deserve it. Although I must say you write very well.

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