How do one move from Norway to Germany?

Question by Múspell: How do one move from Norway to Germany?
I will be educated as a computer engineer this spring in Norway and I want to move to Germany.

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Answer by Fegelein!

from Oslo and most cities you should take the E6 cross over to Sweden down to Malmo. Cross the Oresund bridge (very long!) into Denmark-the city of Copenhagen and travel down the E20 (simply keep driving on the E6 which becomes E20/55 once you reach Denmark). E20 branches off outside Copenhagen so follow signs to E55

Now you could keep driving down the E55 until the end at Gedser, Denmark and take a ferry to Rostock, Germany
follow E20 to mainland Denmark. Cross the Great Belt Bridge….When you reach mainland Denmark cross over to the E45 near intersection at Kolding, Denmark. Drive south until you reach the German border. German Autobahns are easy to navigate so no problem there?

Or you could take regional trains to Copenhagen. There is ICE high-speed trains departing Copenhagen for Germany. Or direct flights from Oslo, Gothenberg to Frankfurt and Berlin with Lufthansa, Airberlin, Scandinivian or Ryannair I suppose…

Cargo that you can’t carry with you, ship it from a port in Norway to a German port. Might take a good while to reach

and don’t forget your passport. We Germans are hard to fool.

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Question by noelle: Husband and I are starting a new life in Norway?
My husband and I have been together since 10th grade, I am 23 and he is 24. We both have our education and went to college. Our education is not a problem.

We both know Norwegian, we have studied it for years and I went to Norway on a student exchange program in 11th grade.

The reason for moving is because we cannot raise a family in the US, because of the environment our children would be growing up in. We are planning on moving to Norway in the summertime.

What I am asking is, what is the average life like in Norway?

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Answer by Elizabeth
Just so you’re aware, one of you will need a job offer before you can move over unless either of you has Norwegian citizenship (or with a country in the EU). It helps if your careers are in something like teaching, healthcare, tech or engineering. Nursing is especially in demand. It’s possible to find work in other fields though. You can read about the requirements here:


And the best sites for finding work (you can also register your CV on both sites, if you need advice about writing a Norwegian style CV let me know):



Average life depends a little on what city you move to. I live in Bergen, and life here is very different from Oslo or Tromsø. Do you know where you plan to be? Also, what are you interested in, just so I can narrow it down a bit?

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