why is employment important on a national level?

Question by Rebecca: why is employment important on a national level?

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Answer by Nookie l
You are helping the country by paying taxes but you are helping yourself by not living off of government assistance which saves the nation money.

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Question by The Punisher: are these the facts of life in norway?
If you are divorced and have fathered a few children, the state pays for their welfare and u do not have to give any sort of alimony ever?

if ur job is kind of seasonal, the govt supports you monthly with a certain amount of money?

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Answer by Elizabeth
Eh, not exactly.

If you’re divorced, the parent with whom the children live receives maintenance payments from the other parent. The parents can agree upon the amount, or it’s fixed by the National Insurance office based on each parent’s ability to contribute. One spouse can also ask for maintenance from the other if their ability to work has been limited due to the marriage or child care. The usual time period is up to three years (or until the receiver remarries), but can be longer. Child maintenance continues until the kids grow up.

Children receive a benefit from the state regardless that continues until they are an adult. It’s to help the parents with extra costs incurred from having kids. This continues if the parents are divorced, which may be what you’ve heard about.


As for the other question, there is a minimum that you receive per month from work or social services. This is usually rent/utilites plus about 5000 NOK for a single person. If you don’t meet that through employment, you can apply for welfare benefit to cover basic costs, taking assets and savings into consideration. You can also receive unemployment for a time period while you seek work. If your job is only a few months a year, you’re expected to have other work or means to support yourself the rest of the time though. Other jobs are paid in such a way that the salary is split to cover the absent months/weeks.

These benefits don’t automatically apply to non-Norwegians. Immigrants usually have to live and work here for a few years before they become eligible.

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4 comments on “why is employment important on a national level?

  1. Seriously?

    Because you want your people to be able to work and earn money so they can eat and afford a place to live. Employed people spend money which helps to create additional jobs. Unemployed people suck off of the nation’s resources.

  2. To keep minds of the citizens healthy.
    In two extremes, China and Russia had revolution for the people had no enough income….Sweden and Norway have so much income from companies that tax revenue offers lavish lifestyle to unemployed – so suicides and drug addiction are more common.

  3. People need things: groceries, shelter, etc.
    Working people can afford to buy things: groceries, shelter, etc.
    Non-working people need generous working people to help them with things: groceries, shelter, etc.
    If working people are not sufficiently generous on their own then government takes from people who work in order to pay for things that non-working people need: groceries, shelter, government, etc.
    The more working people there are, in relation to non-working and the government, the easier it is for working people to afford what they want AND government, with what government gives to non-working people.

  4. Er no,

    socialist paradise though Norway may be it still has a strong sense of duty underlying it.

    Parents are expected to support their kids and there are cases where adults have pursued the authorities to try and help establish the identity of a father when it’s been shown that their “Dad” isn’t their Dad.

    You do get child support, but thst isn’t dependent on being divorced. Single parents also get support to ensure that the child has a good standard of living.

    If the father doesn’t pay support owed then usually the state steps in and then pursues him themselves.

    As to unemployment the rules are much as anywhere, maybe the support is slightly better but you have to be actively seeking work to get paid.

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