Question by wyverex_auctor: Snow+Motorbike=Crash?
I’m considering a trip to the beautiful north of Norway on my motorbike, but my friend just said “what ya gonna do when it snows then? get some snow chains for ya bike? Hahaha” Then I thought “hey yeah, that might work”. Does anyone know of such a device that when fitted to a motorbike makes it possible to ride it in the snow? It is a Honda Hornet (599), I looked for off road knobblies, but you can’t get them in a 180 size (for the rear). Please help me, at least so I can shove it right up his sarcastic arse! Cheers in advance!

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Answer by bikkerbabeee
snow tires are made for bikes as well. there are also spike strips and similar items. ask a motorcycle dealer or off road specialist.

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From the national jamboree for the Norwegian YMCA-YWCA scouts (KFUK-KFUM-speiderne), Røros, Norway.

Question by Help save our Country: Why do you like Socialism? Does it or has it ever worked for other countries?

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Answer by transom
sweden’s doing pretty well

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  1. I used to ride a Bultaco trials bike in some bad winters and I lost count of the times I fell off in the snow, and worse the ice or snow where cars had been and that was on a bike that would maybe do 45! with trials tyres, wide bars and a low centre of gravity.

    You will have a ball but be prepared to be able to drive with broken arms!

  2. A little friendly advice. When it snows, leave the bike. It will only get you hurt on the roadway. If not by your own lack of ability to control it, by some other idiot that shouldn’t be walking in the snow much less driving.

  3. Motorcycle racing on ice is a popular winter sport in the great white north. They run sheet metal screws through the tires from the inside to leave the points sticking out so the steel points dig into the ice to get traction. Not a good plan for riding on the street, though…

  4. Socialism is communism… right?
    I hate it. It restricts freedom and is not cool.
    I think Russia was doing well when it was communist, because it was a superpower. Also, I heard China is about to become a superpower and it is communist. But look at the US… it’s THE world superpower and it’s democratic.

  5. socialism can work up to a point but when millions start getting handouts
    at the expense of the working class it soon collapses the entire
    system into a debt ridden failure…sorta like the usa

  6. It’s not enough to say a country is not in turmoil despite socialism, it’s a question of socialism being helpful. Any country would be better off without socialism. It hurts a nation, and that fact is well documented.

  7. You ain’t talking to me Brother! Socialism has not never worked for long anywhere, except 3rd world countries that scratch a living out of their personal bit of ground and all stand in lines to get American aid. You see like in the usurper “O”s Omerica, once the owners of business go broke, or get tired of running their companies at slave wages after taxes, they too will quit chasing the American dream and get in line for the free handouts too. With the entire populace on the receiving end. with none on the producing end. there will be nothing to buy and no money to buy it with anyway. Socialism’s core philosophy is the old Robin Hood tale, rob from the rich and give to the poor so the poor will keep you in office. Once the rich discover that the poor get the fruits of their labor they will quit producing and without them at the helm of their companies their companies will surely fail. America has worked for over 200 years because those that can become rich and then they hire those that want “more” than they currently have to help make the rich richer. It works for both groups. The only ones it doesn’t work for, are those that are to lazy or unskilled to play the game. Well today everybody seems to worry more about the have nots than they do about the producers. There will always be those in a society with no skills or drive. That is just human nature. If left alone hopefully they will not produce many offspring and the greater populace can provide a meager existence for them as they set through life. But today we try to empower them and support them into a middle class position that is killing those that work and produce in a working capitalist society. This is unrealistic and has to be stopped. Like sub-prime lending it just can’t continue. It all pivots around that word “equal”! No two people are “equal” one is always the better of the two. Those that can will. Those that can’t wont. That’s life.

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