Q&A: who should we blame and imprison if america ends up like norway or australia or switzerland?

Question by Rayhere: who should we blame and imprison if america ends up like norway or australia or switzerland?
if i wake up one day and my counmtry is the same as norway or australia or switzerland who shold i blame. my list would include

barack obama
nancy pelosi
joe biden
bill clinton
hillary clinton
the media
the college professors
the school teachers
the multi culturalists
the EU

I dont want my country to go down the toilet. i read about what goes on in those countries from yahoo answers regular and i don not want the same here. wake up america. your too stupid to realize obama is turning this country socialist.
if this country ends up like norway we are doomed. id rather be dead then live under there form of socialism. you ever see norway put a man on the moon. no. their is a reason for that. its called socialism.

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Answer by Anna
My thoughts EXACTLY. My list contains all the ones you mentioned too.

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Burger/001/Inside/Star Gazer
life in norway

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Place: Inside Rock Cafe
Burger: Star Gazer
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Reviewer: Me

Three sizes: 100g, 160g and 250g, shown is the smallest size (burger in question is the one to the right).

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Nano review: A very plain burger but I did find myself eating happily away and the bacon was really crispy and tasty pushing it over the important bad/good 3pt water mark!

Others: Same as for first visit.

Serving time: Good!! As Guinness glasses clearly shows faster then last time!

Website: www.insiderock.no/

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I had not planned that next installment should also be at Inside, but I had not been eating for a day when the ‘Mad Scientist‘ and me passed the placed and he dragged me there in so I could get food in order to manage some serious Akvavit tasting soon to take place (the stuff friends are for).

Hmm, the rather positive nano review should probably be seen in light of me been starved, oh, they can’t help if they get lucky!

It is of course he who lurks in the shadow in front some other burger, his (extra) gloom look has to do with him loving burgers but about to explain to me in length why you can not get good burgers in Norway. It involved equations and I listen for some fractions of a second and then payed attention to burger and beer and nice girls not included in shot and missing them whys…

The Water Of Life to be quaffed was good.

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Question by 007: Sweden/Norway/Denmark combined or Finland?
Which region is better? As in, more beautiful places, interesting, easier life etc?

I might go on a holiday…
And see hows life there to live for an English-speaking person…

Tell me alot, please, if you can…

PS. I’m not trying to be racist or anything. If it sounds like I am, I apologize.

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Answer by Cute-Guy4you
I vote Finland

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  1. You mean who should we thank?

    Quality of Life Index – USA is #13!

    The real threat we’re facing right now is fascism — on the opposite end of the scale from socialism. Fascism is where business and government govern together and that is what we are seeing, made even worse by the recent Citizens United decision.

    We will never be a socialist/communist country. The left doesn’t want that any more than the right does. However, the ideal system is a mix of right and left, and the problem with the right in this country is they want NO left.

    And a few “socialized” programs have not perpetrated evil on anyone. It’s cruel dictatorship that has perpetrated the evil, generally headed by one very evil man. We saw those problems on the right with Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, and that ultimate free marketeer, General Pinochet.

    Let’s take a look at a country that mixes right and left very effectively — which is to say it’s considerably to the left of us — and which makes them a social democracy (not socialist) — Norway, and see how it compares with the USA:

    People lacking functional literacy skills (%)
    (Norway) – 7.9%
    (USA) – 20%

    Probability at birth of not surviving to age 60 (%)
    (Norway) – 7.9%
    (USA) – 11.6%

    Population below 50% of median income (%)
    (Norway) – 6.4%
    (USA) – 17.0%

    Wealth (GDP per capita – Nominal) – World Bank
    Norway: $ 94,353
    USA: $ 46,716

    Wealth (GDP per capita – PPP) (Source: World Bank)
    Norway: $ 58,141
    USA: $ 46,716

    Income Inequality (Gini Index) (Source: CIA)
    Norway – 28
    USA – 45

    Norway also has lower homicide rates, lower obesity, lower prison population, and better education.

    See also http://www.nationmaster.com/compare/Norway/United-States


  2. Socialist? Remember the USSR? Mitt is heading there, the upper class citizens will basically have control over everything, while middle and lower class suffer, I’d rather vote for Obama than Mitt. And I plan to, seeing as Mitt is the worst of the two. Obama may not be perfect, but at least he knows what he’s doing. Get ready for all of the rich white people eradicating the poor from America.

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