Should the united states up it security?

Question by Bugs: Should the united states up it security?
The us needs more security. With terrorist groups in attacking Norway and Europe we are in trouble here. We need more cops,more cameras,

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Answer by David Trundlehower
You’re joking, right? We have more cops and cameras than anybody could ever use…

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Question by Look: Should i do myself or with a Migration Consultant?
Hi friends, currently i m working in Dubai for last 3yrs, now i m planing to move to Norway to live & work, i m confused that should i apply & do it directly by myself or i should get a migration consultant.
please suggest & help me.

if i should do, what is the website to apply
or if i should take agency please tel me the best agency for Norway in Dubai


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Answer by Jimmy C
Personally I would do it myself. I do not trust agencies that charge you a lot of money to get you the forms you can get free from the government, and the agencies can’t pull any strings and get you in any faster.

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4 comments on “Should the united states up it security?

  1. You must really hate freedom…

    We dont need more pseudo-security, we need less!

    We don’t need the Dept. of Homeland Security as it is… What the FBI, CIA, NSA, ICE, Border Patrol, Customs, etc, etc, weren’t enough?

    We needed the DHS, TSA, CSI, etc, etc? All the new agencies do is spy on Americans… How does that help stop anything other than freedom?

    The FBI tried to warn them before 9/11, they tried to do their job, but were told by the executive branch to back off Bin Ladens…. Numerous people called the CIA in connection with strange occurrences with 9/11 hijackers, but it slipped through the cracks… You know, maybe if there was less government agencies, then when one of them got word of something like this, the president and others would actually listen to it, instead of it getting lost in the sea of never ending chain of commands…..

    I cant stand idiots like you that just want to give away our freedoms and liberties!

    Really though, I hate you!

  2. What? You Americans are already forcing your security measures upon the rest of the world, and now you want more measures? I cannot visit friends in the US without passing through various biometric scans and iris recognition devices. They even search my shoes, and I have to fill out a form to establish whether I am somehow connected to al Qaida! Hadn’t you Americans insisted on waging that stupid Gulf War of yours, I could still bring water with me on a 16-hour flight! And remember that Breivik was a lone wolf, so adept at hiding his tracks that he only made a single, low level Illegal Chemicals Buyer watch list. You know how he was able to get that close to a major government building? They were busy changing their old anti car-bomb blocks with new American electronic ones, but they were so full of complicated countermeasure technology that they would take two months to install. This allowed Breivik to simply pull up in front of the main entrance, light his fuse and quickly walk away before the one ton of explosives detonated. Had the old, concrete blockade still been there, instead of a half-finished over-technologic metal countermeasure system, lives may have been saved, he might even have been arrested if he tried to ram trough the blocks.
    By making such a large net as you have, you are letting the lone fish swim through the masks, as you hope to catch the big shoal, that rarely comes.

  3. The immigration process for Norway is pretty straight forward, and the UDI website is extremely clear on the requirements. As long as you understand what the requirements are and how to fill out the paperwork, there’s no reason to get a consultant. UDI is also extremely helpful. You can call or send them an email if you have any questions, and they do speak English.

    Just remember that the requirements are requirements, there are no loopholes. I know it should go without saying (but experience shows otherwise), be truthful on your application and don’t leave anything out. These things can and do come back to haunt people.

    Sorry, forgot the website:
    In the top, right corner you can change the language. You don’t state your citizenship, so I don’t know if you need a visa or not (info in the visa section). Either way, you’ll be applying for a residence permit as a skilled worker. If you don’t have a job, but want to come to Norway to look for work, you’ll be applying as a skilled jobseeker. Note the financial and health insurance requirements.

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