What is the dumbest question you have been asked about your country?

Question by nes: What is the dumbest question you have been asked about your country?
I am from India and I have been living in a different country for few years. I can not believe the questions i get asked. Questions like –
“Do they have popcorn in India? I see Indian people eating popcorn at work”
“How do you know English?”
And some questions are obviously cracked as a clever joke – “Do they have TV in India?” “Do they have power in India?”
The humor in such jokes just eludes me.

I want to know, what are some of the dumbest questions you have been asked about your country?

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Answer by Meg M
Well, in the USA it is more about what state you are from that you get a lot of dumb questions and jokes. I live in Texas, so it’s usually…
“Do you ride horses everywhere?”
“Do you go to the rodeo?”
“Aren’t people fatter there?”
“Aren’t most people there very stupid?”
and the worst, for me, “Aren’t you really, really religious?”

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Norway day 3

Image by psmithson
There’s a gap before Oslo where my PAYG phone stopped working in Norway.

The phone was running Google Latitude which records the location.

Question by gunsrfunmg: Why do liberals point to Europe to show how socialism “works”?
Which countries in Europe are they referring to? Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal or Germany, Sweden, and Norway?

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Answer by john b
Are you high on meth again? Go fvck your sister and watch NASCAR, cletus.

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  1. “How can you be Norwegian? You’re not blond/tall/both!”
    “Does everyone really shop at IKEA?”
    “Are there penguins in Norway?”
    “Did you have to ski to school every day?”
    “Don’t you get tired of only eating fish?” (we are actually the leading consumers of coffee and frozen pizza in the world, in case you were wondering)

    Those are just the ones I can remember. I’ve heard a lot of them I can’t recall right now, but I have got the “why is your English so good” before as well.

  2. I am from England and we get all sorts of silly questions such as “Do you drink tea all day?” and “Is it true that British people have rotten teeth?” These questions are stereotypes to people in the uk and get quite annoying sometimes!

  3. Conservatives and Fox tell us Europe is socialist, especially Sweden, Denmark and Noway because they have high taxes, income redistribution, and extensive social welfare programs. I would not call them that I would call the social warfare states. because the have a free market private sector ,

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