Norway Exchange student help.?

Question by : Norway Exchange student help.?
I want to be an exchange student in Norway next year but can”t afford it. what are some scholarships i can look into to help me financially. My family isn’t in a financial situation. I’m higher middle class, but were don’t ave an extra 10,000 dollars for me to study high school abroad. i would like to know what scholarships i may be eligible to.

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Answer by Connnor
First off, you need to make a list about why you want to go to Norway and what you hope to achieve while in country. No one, your parents or otherwise, is going to give you $ 10,000 or any significant sum to simply vegetate in a classroom with a different view out the window! Therefore, you need to make a convincing case about why you should deserve financial aid. If I were you, after I did #1, I would do the following things: 2. Consider widening your scope (Perhaps Scandinavia or Northern Europe) to open up more opportunities for research grants or cultural study scholarships 3. Come up with something original (i.e. studying Medieval Icelandic texts for a scholarly research dissertation- they chronicled the reign of ancient Norwegian royalty) to sell potential patrons/sponsors on. Also, Talk to people in the community about scholarship opportunities for foreign exchange and look ahead to college which- this is the Gospel truth- have much deeper pockets to put kids through self-styled study abroad trips. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Question by : What does it take to study medicine in Norway? I am a graduate of microbiology from Nigeria?

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Answer by Cynical_Student
Norway has very high immigration controls – and I’m pretty sure that unless you’re trying to escape persecution in your own country, they won’t let you in without speaking a decent level of Norweigan.

And they’re not part of the European Union either.

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  1. In order to gain admittance to a medicine program in Norway you must have VERY good grades from HS, and can get extra points for tertiary education, work experience and so forth. You must also pass the Bergens Test in the Norwegian Language (if you have a foreign education), since the education is mostly in Norwegian.

    You must also get a study visa, and this require that you show that you have enough funds to survive unassisted in Norway for a year (currently around $ 17,000).

    You must also be aware that even though the university is free (or very cheap), the cost of living and shelter can be very expensive!

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