Immigration to Norway?

Question by Венцислав: Immigration to Norway?
Hello. I’m a Bulgarian citizen, who just finished high school last year. I dropped out of the university this semester because I did not like the field of study. I’m struggling to find a job here in Bulgaria and even if I find one, the wage is so low, and it’s not to my liking.

A friend of mine is thinking of going to Norway to work. He is like me, he doesn’t have a higher education, he has just finished high school. I’m planning to go with him.

The problem is, we dunno where to start. Can you lead me trough the steps of immigration and what jobs we would be able to find there? What documentation do we need in order to work? How much is the monthly wage for the jobs that we would be able to work in. How much are the taxes. What about apartment rent prices?

I don’t Norwegian language, but I’m fluent in English. Will this be a big problem?

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In Norway people speak Norwegian. They might be prepared to speak English to you as a tourist but they wouldn’t hire you except for things like dish washing or night cleaning.

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  1. To immigrate for job purposes, you need to qualify as a skilled worker. This means having a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

    Norwegian isn’t mandatory but, depending on your career field, not knowing it might make finding a job difficult or impossible.

    Here’s all the info you need: http://www.udi.no/Norwegian-Directorate-of-Immigration/Central-topics/Work-and-residence/Apply-for-a-residence-permit/Skilled-workers/

    It is possible to work in unskilled positions as a migrant worker. Those jobs are getting harder and harder to find, however, even for people inside Schengen. You’d be able to work up to 6 months/yr in Norway that way.

    Here’s all the rules on that: http://www.udi.no/Norwegian-Directorate-of-Immigration/Central-topics/Work-and-residence/Apply-for-a-residence-permit/Seasonal-worker/

    You have to apply from your own country, so if you travel to Norway to look for work, be prepared for that. Look for jobs through finn.no and nav.no, and expect to have a long, hard job search ahead of you.

  2. Yuo appear to have no qualifications to apply to immigrate to Norway. You do not even meet qualifications to work in Norway. You have no education, no skills, and are not fluent in Norwegian. Forget it! There are no jobs for you, no way to get hired, no way to be allowed to remain there on any basis whatsoever.

    You are not employable anywhere but Bulgaria! No qualifications. Worldwide labor glut of a billion adults and you are in extreme competition for any kind of jobs anywhere at all, including your own country. But you have absolutely NO chance of working outside your country of citizenship for lack of education, experience, expertise – credentials are mandatory to work anywhere at all. Or else hire yourself out to do clean-up, yardwork, handyman, unskilled labor, etc.

  3. you can go to Norway you are an EU national you have the right of the Freedom of movement to all Europe your lucky you can have a good job as long as you have a high school diploma though there are people who are non EU nationals and illegal immigrants and living in a good life in Norway so don’t worry even if you find an unskilled job you going to get a satisfying payment. don’t listen to that uneducated prick ” ibu guru” he is liar and most of his information is false

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