Q&A: Why do swedish people immigrate to norway?

Question by Rank Jeff: Why do swedish people immigrate to norway?
I can’t figure this one out.

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Answer by Elizabeth
Money. Wages are a lot higher in Norway, and the economy is more stable so more jobs are available. Unemployment in Norway is currently under 3%. Sweden’s rate is listed around 9% and rising, and true unemployment is higher if you count people in social programs. Ideally I’d work in Norway and shop in Sweden (cost of living is much lower), but I like the west coast here and that’s a bit far from the border.

And though Sweden is beautiful, Norway is spectacular with the mountains and fjords.

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Question by Vlad K: Can I work in France or Any good eu city with my british passport?
Hello friends, I have UK passport, Can I work in France or Holland or any good recommend me country within EU? Sweden, I dont speak their Language but what jobs can I get im 25 year old man, how about Norway, again is my UK passport able me to work in these country?

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Answer by Maggie
You can work anywhere in the EU, but without speaking the language don’t expect to be able to get anything but menial jobs on basic wages, even your English is not very good.

If you truly want to work in another country it makes sense to learn the language to a degree that will get you a job that is above the minimum wage.

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  1. In order to make use of the right to freely live and work in every country of the European Union [EU] you must hold a British EU passport endorsed as British Citizen. U.K. passports issued to British Nationals of overseas territories do not qualify for the EU treaty rights. EU citizens may work in all countries of the EU, the European Economic Area [EEA (EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway)] and Switzerland.
    http://ec.europa.eu/eures/main.jsp?catId=9300&acro=living&lang=en&parentId=0&countryId=UK&living=&rules=Y ..

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