Q&A: Canada vs. Norway: Health Plans?

Question by thehollow89: Canada vs. Norway: Health Plans?
I wanted to know what are some of the differences between Canada and Norway in terms of Health Insurance. Also, what about for things like Diabetes? I’m considering moving to Norway one day, and I don’t want to be screwed when I get there.

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Answer by Elizabeth
I can’t compare the two (no idea about Canada), but I can give information on the Norwegian health system.

When you are legally resident and working in Norway, part of your taxes go towards the National Insurance scheme (currently 7.8%). You can read more about it here:


You choose a GP from your local list of doctors accepting new patients. For most treatments, there is a max you pay per year (1780 NOK) before further appointments and regular medication are covered by a free card. A few specialties like physiotherapy have a higher max (2560 NOK per year). Regular appointments cost 130 NOK, specialists (whom you generally need a referral for) are 280 NOK. The max you pay on a regular prescription is 520 NOK for 3 months’ supply until you reach the free card limit.

Some specialists (like chiropractors) aren’t covered by the system, but are affordable. Dentistry is supposed to be expensive, but I haven’t used it myself yet.

If you need to convert the numbers, use XE:


I’m not sure exactly what you want to know about diabetes. I think the health coverage here is good, better than the general care in the US and UK (I’ve lived in both places). There can be waiting lists of a few months for some areas like mental health, but urgent care is always given if needed. Larger cities have a clinic that’s open 24 hours for non-hospital emergencies.

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  1. OECD figures

    Biggest issue you’ll have on moving is getting initial access to health care. The low population density means that outside the big cities you’ll need to travel to get access to specialists.

    Basically they’re similar but specific outcomes vary due to other environmental factors

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