Norway vs Estonia to live?

Question by Lolita: Norway vs Estonia to live?
Which is best in terms of landscape, lifestyle, nature, people, cleanliness and in country in general and why?
Any pros and cons for each and which one wins?
Thank You!

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Answer by Hernanday
Norway has like 3% arabs but they are all in the ghetto, just avoid the ghetto and you are fine.

Norway is the richer country but Estonia is cheaper. So you pay more for the same things. It is hard to compare really. It is like asking where is better japan or thailand. You can live a nice life for 1200 usd a month in thailand but that is poverty in japan. Your pay in Japan will be more but you need like 3 grand a month just to live a decent liftstyle.

Estonia has alot of crime and violence, it is a former soviet republic therefore has lots of gangs. Norway is cold as hell, it is richer and has a high standard of living. Norwegians are friendly and reserved. It really depends if you have a job in norway that pays good money, norway is better, if you have a job in estonia that pays good money estonia is better. If you are going to live of money and not work go to estonia

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Question by julien b: Best place in Norway for an outdoorsman?
I have a feeling that many would say the best place in Norway for the outdoorsy type of person would be ‘in Norway’.
I’ve applied to around six different schools around Norway for outdoor guiding degrees there but am not sure which I would take if I had my pick. I like canoeing, skiing, bushcrafty type stuff. Wouldn’t take into consideration stuff like the night life and shopping malls – if anything, I would choose to stay away from that.

Any experience you guys have to offer, suggestions?


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Answer by Bermudaful
From what I can tell anywhere you are in Norway is pretty outdoorsy or easy enough to get to a mountain or fjord or whatever.

Although as a visitor to my boyfriend’s family in Norway from what I can tell the West seems to be a little more “country” but only because Olso is more “city” than Bergen.

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One comment on “Norway vs Estonia to live?

  1. It’s hard to find a place that it’s not easy to access the outdoors in Norway. Heck, even in Oslo you can take the subway out to the forest (more than one, actually).

    Everyone is fond of their own little section of Norway, and in my opinion, you cannot beat the west.
    Unfortunately, as you’ve noticed, UiB has very high point demands (DO NOT apply for Sogn. That dialect is insane). But, if you can get into Bergen, you’re surrounded by mountains. Great nightlife, wonderful theatre (well, we’ll see if it holds true now that Bamse is gone).

    Stavanger has a lot of areas to hike, good places to surf, and is a nice town in general.

    All your shopping centres are going to be basically the same, so no town really offers an advantage there. Every town of course will have their unique local shops.

    You’re going to have plenty to do with your uni class though. You’ll have a social week (or two) of drinking and other activities to start off the term and get to know each other, some classes make their own “pubs” where you can get “cheap” beer and hang out with your class. Some classes organize trips. And unless you’re doing law at the University of Oslo, those trips are relatively inexpensive and fun.

    Oslo does have the best nightlife by far.

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