Q&A: Recipes from Norway???

Question by iceprincess: Recipes from Norway???
Anyone know any recipies from Norway, or a good website to go to, to get some good recipies. I know a women who is Nor weigain. I am Norweigian, Finish, Swedish and German.

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Answer by Torsten B
Well, go to Google and enter “Norwegian recipes” or just recipes+Norway or recipes+Sweden — you will find lots of results on your Google search!

Greetings from Germany….

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Rica Hotel Bergen
norway work

Image by ldrose
Bergen, Norway. Not one of the quietest hotels I’ve stayed at. My room is right above a cross walk that beeps all night long.

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  1. Oh a fellow scandivanian…well hello….are u originally from scandivania?U can google up the links below for some ideas.Like norwegians, we swedes enjoy lotsa fish & pork.Most of the dishes include it, if u were to cook a recipe for ur friend, best pick one that includes pork or fish.We looove that..lol…dont forget potatoes.Cook an authentic meal,she’ll love it! Most scandivanian food are rather alike.√Ąppel kaka would be a favorite after a meal with coffee.Good Luck!

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