why do minorities immigrate into white countries?

Question by wake forest: why do minorities immigrate into white countries?
the uk,us,sweden denmark russia norway etc, i dont see whites moving to nigeria,kenya,mexico,honduras, is it just because our culture is better?
hey sum guy, why do you think south africa is the best country in africa,because of the affrikans and the boers wich civilized that jungle, dumb as.

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Answer by james2167uk
you answered your own question

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Norwegian Tall Ship, S/S Statsraad Lehmkuhl – Dublin Docklands
opportunities in norway

Image by infomatique
Today (Friday 19th August) at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay the very impressive and beautiful Norwegian Tall Ship, S/S Statsraad Lehmkuhl, was open to the public so I took the opportunity to go onboard and take a few photographs using a Sony NEX-5 camera.

The purpose of the visit was to promote The The Tall Ships Races 2012 – Dublin event. As final host port for the 2012 Tall Ship Races, the event will see up to 100 Tall Ships sail into Dublin for a 4 day Festival and celebration, from Thursday the 23rd August to Sunday 26th August, 2012. Ships from as far away as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, USA and European and Baltic countries including Italy and Norway will sail to Dublin.

The Tall Ships’ Races are races for sail training "tall ships". The races are designed to encourage international friendship and training for young people in the art of sailing. The races are held annually in European waters and consists of two racing legs of several hundred nautical miles, and a "cruise in company" between the legs. Over fifty percent of the crew of every ship participating in the races must consist of young people.

The Statsraad Lehmkuhl is a three-masted barque rigged sail training vessel owned and operated by the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Foundation. It is based in Bergen, Norway and contracted out for various purposes, including serving as a school ship for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

It was built in 1914 as a school training ship for the German merchant marine under the name Grossherzog Friedrich August. After the First World War the ship was taken as a prize by the United Kingdom and in 1921 the ship was bought by former cabinet minister Kristoffer Lehmkuhl (hence the name, which means ‘Cabinet Minister Lehmkuhl’). With the exception of the Second World War, when she was captured by German troops and called Westwärts, the ship has belonged to Bergens Skoleskib until it was donated to the Foundation in 1978.

In 2000, it was chartered by the German Navy while their Gorch Fock was overhauled.

Question by Mia: Why are the only developed countries either European or settled by Europeans?
– Europe (Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Ireland,etc)
– Canada
– Australia
– New Zealand

Why can’t brown people do anything?
Well, Japan, Singapore and South Korea are developed countries (ASIA) =)

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Answer by Mark
Oh, you mean like Botswana and Barbados?

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15 comments on “why do minorities immigrate into white countries?

  1. Ha Ha, good one. I have always wondered that myself. Many minorities claim to hate the whites but they can’t stay away from them. They want what they have, want to live where they live etc. That is not behavior of someone that hates another.

  2. Why do white people take over and kill off the non-whites in the countries they invade? like the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Iraq, the Phillipines, the West Indies, Cuba, Guam, Brazil, New Zealand, etc…? Then turn around and call them “white countries” ????? ooh, my favorite is when these white people think their culture is better, nevermind that half of them leech onto other cultures like vultures (like native americna cultures) …or they are cultureless alltogether (like americans who don’t even know the name of their great grandparents)

    edit: South africa is NOT the “best country” in africa, it is absolutely poverty ridden…From what I have seen, Senegal and Gambia are the least corrupt, with the least likely chance of civil war, and is run by Africans, though many europeans vacation there often. By the way, it is a predominantly Islamic country, with democracy. Did I mention its run by black people?

  3. For several reasons:

    1. For a better life. (More wealth, better education, more opportunities, safety)

    2. To hopefull improve their race by marrying a white person.
    (They hope by lightening their complexion it will somehow improve their race)

    3. To sell drugs.

  4. On a global scale white people are the minority. White people live in every country in the world just like “minorities” do. And they do it simply because they can.

  5. All cultures are different but economy plays a huge part of migrations. Do not forget education and health care also come into play when it comes to deciding where to migrate.

  6. No, culture is not better, just the money.

    If you can earn dollars instead of pesos, wouldn’t you migrate to a western country?

    If could escape a country in constant chaos, war, and starvation would you?

    the “we are a better country” excused are often used by people suffering with superiority complex.

  7. Take a history class.

    (China was the most technologically and socially advanced country for centuries while the palefaces were pillaging each other, by the way.)

  8. what technology…? what advancement? i haven’t seen it with any country even europe that hasn’t caused any pollution that is now… so i have not seen technology…?
    all “developed countries either European or settled by Europeans” have not been advanced where they are stopping pollution…

  9. This is an interesting question. South Africa is the most advanced country in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s also the only African country with a significant White population. I guess this is all just a giant coincidence. Or maybe it’s the possibility that Western Civilization & Western style democracy provides better opportunities then other civilizations.

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