Q&A: What are all the physical features of Norway?

Question by : What are all the physical features of Norway?
i forgot my textbook for socail studies in the classroom on friday but then we had monday and tuesday off so i need the answers till thursday ahhhh

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Answer by Michel Verheughe
Norway is a big slate of granite that was covered by glaciers during the last ice age. That carved deep fjords in the rock. Contrary to the common belief, Norway is not mountainous but rather; a central plateau that has been rising since most of the glaciers melted away. And Norway still rises! For example, in T√łnsberg, my home town that is also the oldest Norwegian town, the viking village and harbour from the middle-age is now three meters above the actual sea level. This is because the weight of the glaciers keep the earth crust down and now, it’s gone.

Another interesting fact about Norway is that we can thank a middle-age Pope that the country exists as it does. That’s the Pope who declared that we were not the eat meat Fridays and holy days. It created a need for an alternative source of proteins and the German Hansa traders came to Bergen in the south-west of Norway, to discover the stock fish dried on the rocks or salted, that could be preserved for a long time. It is then the fishing vessels of the past that brought the stock fish from all along the coast, to Bergen, that made that long country where for many centuries communications could only be done by ships. Incidentally I don’t think you will find any other country in the world with so many small boats per inhabitants. Still today, some Norwegians need to use a small boat to visit his neighbour or go shopping.

Finland has more lakes than Norway but … there are quite a few here too and they are they only way to travel since they are often surrounded by high cliffs.

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Image by The Lutheran World Federation
Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata, DTS study secretary for Lutheran Theology and Practice, Diana Chabloz, (WCC) at the Morning Prayer of Remembrance and Peace on the recent tragedies in Norway, Wednesday, 17 August, 2011 on the occasion of the Bishops’ Conference of the Church of Norway to the Ecumenical Center to the World Council of Churches.

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