Wanting to live in Norway ?

Question by : Wanting to live in Norway ?
Okay so now i am 19 and im on my way to college , im going to college for electrical engineering and after i graduate i would like to move and live in Norway.

Now i have read and heard countless discussions about people moving to Norway and can’t get any work , my question is , would someone with a degree in electrical engineering and can speak Norwegian , be able to get a job , or is it next to impossible ?

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Answer by Toki Wartoot
Unfortunately, it is very hard to get a job in Norway. But, you may have some luck if you stay out of the bigger cities, like Oslo or Bergen. Norway is a beautiful country and I hope you have fun there!

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Question by Hass: I am confused.Norway or UK?need help?
i am an accountant by profession.Recently my company
has given me a choice to move to Norway or UK.i am confused
as both are great countries but i want to opt for a country where
i have better scope of my career.

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Answer by Rupa

Norway is cold, UK is wet. I’d stay put…! :)

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  1. Norway has by far the soundest economy … the UK has a much bigger population and financial industry … which you would find the more attractive depends on many things such as your qualifications, where you are now, whether you speak Norwegian (from your question your English looks fine)

    the UK economy is in recession right now with loads of people out of work, but it seems you’re assured of a job with your company … whereabouts in the UK would your job be based

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