what type of jobs are needed in Norway?

Question by Yew: what type of jobs are needed in Norway?
I am thinking of moving to Norway and I have a degree in Computer Science but can I get any jobs with that degree in Norway?

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Answer by Elizabeth
The easiest way to get a job in Norway is to be an engineer or geologist, particularly in energy or the oil business. Almost every immigrant in a Norwegian language class I took here was an engineer.

With computer science, it really depends on what you’ve specialized in and the skills you have. On the job bank sites, there are currently less than 20 jobs listed in Norway under computer science or programming. Most of them are in network development or graphic design. It’s summer so people are hiring less, but there are still far fewer jobs than in a field like engineering.

If you’re highly specialized and educated, it will be easier. Although Norway doesn’t have the same rule as countries in the EU, they’ll still hire someone they don’t have to sponsor over someone they do. That means you have to rely on a transfer, good contacts or actually being the best fit for the job.

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Rattus norvegicus at the train station
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Spotted this one while waiting outside Welling Train Station.

Question by Dead: I want to get out of the USA…. I want to be a citizen of a European country…..please read?
I have a few years of college under me, but I was thinking of attending a university somewhere in Europe, getting a degree, and then making a network so I can find a job before I graduate do I don’t have to go back to the lousy States. I was thinking something in engineering. Is this a good plan?

I could always offer an EU citizen plenty of money for a marriage, but I want to try a productive way first.

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Answer by Nate
I would finish your degree in the states, the US has all but 2 of the top 20 universities in the world, the other 2 belong to the UK, so degrees are, in theory, of a higher ‘quality’ in the USA then they are in Europe. Though if you’re going to a crappy university this is not so true.

Next, you can’t just go over there to study, you need all the correct permits for it in the first place. You need to show that you can support yourself there for the duration of your study as well, since foreigners studying in other countries usually can’t legally get jobs. So yeah.

And marriage doesn’t automatically get you citizenship anymore, either. It is a long, difficult process so I would finish your degree, then maybe even do some other courses/degrees to show that you are better than other potential employees, because no company will hire you if they can hire someone in their own country, who already speaks their own language, who has the same qualifications. you need to show that you are outstanding. Finish the degree and then you can look into moving there, it will be a lot easier.

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  1. Nate’s reply is spot on. A degree in the states is worth half of a degree in Europe. Spain, forget it. Your schooling is worthless and you have to pay dearly to get a work permit, like 15k euros and be sponsored by the business, and money in the bank. As a student 10k euros minimum for a short time and be sponsored before coming over. In many countries they catch you working, as Americans we do stick out like a sore thumb, its jail time, huge fines and possible country ban for life and the person hiring you gets fines and jail time as well…it’s not easy at all. I’m so jealous. My European friends can travel all what 27 European countries and work, live with ease…while I stayed two years in the shadows, illegal, not working just hanging out well past my allowed time….bummer its that way.
    Marriage is not easy street either. They have seen it all to often, remember they have cities and churches that date back 1st Century B.C.…they played this game a lot longer them we have. Europe is hit hard right now economically and the last thing they want is foreigners taking jobs or space. Move to Morocco, get a woman and a few goats and your set, no one cares.

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