Anyone know any good websites in Norway to find a job?

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Question by shagski.arch: Anyone know any good websites in Norway to find a job?
I need to try to find a job in Norway. I cant find any good websites that actually list real jobs over there.

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Answer by Elizabeth
I can link you to the Norwegian job bank, but if you don’t speak Norwegian, you’ll have a hard time with it. If you edit with what sort of jobs you’re looking for, and what city, I can narrow down the search for you. The design of the page means you can’t run the link through Google Translate, so you have to cut and paste text.


You can also try placement agencies, although they won’t work with you unless you’re already living in Norway. It’s also necessary for most jobs to speak a Scandinavian language, although there can be exceptions to this in skilled fields.





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Question by Mari Stavrum: Can I have short term jobs in London, when traveling from another country?
I am having a year away from studies next year, to get my motivation up and to figure out what I want to do next.
In the end of the summer I have considered staying in London one or two months to spend some time away from home and see if I am as independent as I’d like to think I am.
But I would like to work while staying there, and not just waste time. Do I have to apply for a visa as a temporary worker in the UK, or how does it work? I am from Norway, and we are a part of the European Economic Area.

I tried getting some information on the UK Border Agency-website, but I didn’t understand. You can read something here? Does anyone make something of this?



Any thoughts and information would be appreciated.

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Answer by blackgrumpycat
In theory, you can just come to the UK and work, just as we can come to Norway to live and work. In practise, finding a short term job will be difficult. Make sure you have enough money to cover your trip.

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  1. The two main sites are

    NAV which is the Norwegian Government Job center and has all available jobs listed on it. It is almost 100% Norwegian though so if you don’t speak the language I suggest you’ll need Google translate and lexin to get through.

    The other site is Finn.no which has slightly better coverage from the placement agencies perhaps.

    If you don’t speak/write Norwegian you’ll be limited to available jobs and it can be tough. Be prepared that the expectations for CV’s can be different from what you’re used to and you will often be expected to supply copies of education certificates, at least the highest qualification you hold and also the most relevant ones.

  2. You don’t need a visa if you are Norwegian. The trouble is going to be finding a job. Right now over 20% of people aged 16-24 are unable to find any jobs in the UK. It’s even tougher if you are foreign as you won’t have friends or family friends who might be able to help you find a job
    I would bring enough money to survive for 2-3 months as you might not be able to find a job

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