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Tips on College Marketing

It is a known fact that colleges are mushrooming left right and center, and the education industry has become very competitive. The surprising fact is that colleges and universities can no longer afford to rely on word of mouth as the only marketing tool. For most new colleges and universities effective marketing could mean the difference between booming student enrollments and little to zero enrollment rates.

It is important to highlight that there are some strategies have characterized the most efficient marketing investments of all the great universities and colleges. One of this strategy is a focus on the product, which for most colleges is the nature of education being provided. The education must be packaged in a way that it appeals to potential students. It is quite agreeable to state that great universities take the initiative in their education programs, such as making teaching paramount, strengthening graduate schools thus improving the level of research done at the university at all levels of learning. A little known secret is that great marketing is all about an excellent reputation and differentiation in education needs. Colleges are known for excelling in certain disciplines such as teaching, engineering, law, agriculture medicine, and technology. The other important thing to remember is that colleges must keep innovating in their education initiatives from a sustainable scale and aiming at achieving the marketing goals.

The other strategy is to adopt strategic goals that have a long-term perspective. Marketing strategies must be in line with these goals and must go far beyond the present deliverables like increased enrollment rates and net tuition revenue. The surprising fact is that the marketing efforts must move beyond the need to only be known, and move to the specifics of what a college intends to be known for.
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The third strategy is to make decisions based on a sound empirical basis and not on the assumptions that they will appeal to the potential student. It is undeniably true that institutions need to make accurate decisions based on market demands and not blind speculation. An interesting fact is that in the market, there are proven research tools that will help colleges measure the effects that marketing initiatives will have on enrollment and net tuition revenue.
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The last but not least strategy involves integrating everything that the college does. It is known fact that companies spent millions in advertising to reach their target audience. Most institution, however, do not have the amount of money that multinationals have at their disposal thus, they need to adopt a new strategy by conducting marketing initiatives that are intelligent, highly coordinated and tight-fisted. Each activity must be part of a grand scheme all serving the same strategic goals.

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