Selecting the Right Style for Hair Weaves

The options for hair weave styles are varied, so there are a few things to consider before selecting the right style for the purpose. Choosing the best style for the needs and preferences of the wearer will help the bundles for weaves last longer, and save people money. If the user prefers straight and sleek styles, for example, selecting a very straight type of hair will reduce the need for a flat iron. Brazilian and Malaysian hair is thick and durable in straight styles, and will hold the look without frizzing during the day. Indian hair has a slight wave to it, even in a straight style, so that would require constant flat ironing for a sleek look.

People who prefer a low maintenance weave will want a curly style. Maintenance requires dampening the hair and running fingers through it. Restoring the bounce and shape of the curls is as simple as braiding the hair one or two times each week. A deep curl is best suited to shorter lengths of eight to twelve inches, while kinky or Afro curls look great in longer lengths. A full weave in a curly style is more cost-effective when Peruvian human hair is selected. The type is fuller than most other types, so less bundles are required for the weave. Two bundles can be enough for a complete weave, depending on the length, while three bundles are the minimum amounts needed for other hair types. Wavy styles require a bit more maintenance than curly styles, and will need curl defining products to hold the shape, especially in human weather.

The condition of the human hair is also important for longevity. Virgin Remy hair is the most natural state for bundles of hair. It is unprocessed, has the cuticle intact, and the strands are all going in the same direction. It is possible to style and color hair in this condition without causing too much damage. Lesser quality hair will weaken, break, or frizz when styled or colored because it is already processed to some degree. The cost for processed hair is less, so if the style suits the user, and will not be exposed to excessive heat, it can be used for a weave. That helps those on a tighter budget still enjoy the benefits of a weave.

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