How do I find a job in Norway? How to look for one when you’re living in another country?

Question by Natalia: How do I find a job in Norway? How to look for one when you’re living in another country?
I would like to know how to find a job in Norway. Where can I find a company that would hire someone who doesn’t speak the language yet? Which are the international companies in the country where I can find something? I’m graduating in Social Communications in July and I’d like a new experience.

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Answer by Laureen
I have met similiar problem before, here list of sites http://topfin5.notlong.com/8AAuPTj

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Ultimate frisbee recruitment event
recruitment norway

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EZ Ultimate hosting a couple of recruiting events at University of Oslo.

Question by dynamic: Employment visas in for norway and spain it can happen or its fake?
1 of my frnd is talking about employment visas 4 packing fishes in norway and spain…is anyone here 4m norway or spain who can hlp me?

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Answer by Kittysue
Considering unemployment in Spain is currently over 20% and the only way to qualify for any visa is to have a Masters or PhD and an occupation experiencing a shortage of local applicants (mainly scientific and engineering fields) then it’s not going to be real

If he is asked to pay any money, then it’s going to be a scam. In Europe it’s the employers who pay the fees to recruitment agencies, not the employees

There is a seasonal workers visa that allows foreigners to work in agriculture or fisheries – the information is on the Norwegian government website


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  1. You’ll find relevant information on the website of the Norwegian work and welfare administration (NAV): http://www.nav.no/English
    Depending on your country of origin, you may need to apply for a visa, work permit and/or other permits. The NAV-site should help you find the information that is relevant to you.

    NAV also keeps a database of vacancies in all fields and professions.

    Also, one of the most popular job-finding sites in Norway is Finn.no: http://www.finn.no/jobb/
    It’s only in Norwegian though, but you might have some luck running it through Google Translate (translate.google.com).

    If you’d like assistance in finding a job in Norway you can also try contacting a recruitment company. There are several that recruit professionals in a number of fields, here are some of the larger ones:


    As for the language issue, you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you are proficient in English.

    Good luck finding a job!

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