What do I have to do to live, go to school and work in Norway?

Question by Severin: What do I have to do to live, go to school and work in Norway?
I am an u.s. citizen currently looking to move to Norway. I’m not exactly well versed on the process of moving to other countries. I hear school is practically free for all students including international and I’ve heard that a green card is not needed to work in Norway.. This can’t be right.. That would be great if it is though. Please help.
Perhaps I should specify that I’m looking for what the legal route is to be able to perform said things.. not looking for citizenship just yet. And yes, I do speak Norwegian.

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Answer by Maricris Jereza
first find out what do you like to do then think if it is reasonable for you .

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Question by prava ljubezen: What kinds of companies should I work in to work in Scandinavia?
I want to work in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Siberia, or Poland.
Maybe, automobile, or Gas, oil?

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Answer by Elizabeth
You don’t say where you are from, if it’s the EU you have a wider choice of possibilities since you can move to the Nordic countries to look for work.

If you are from outside the EU, you’ll need specialised, in-demand skills to find work here. It’s very difficult to get a work permit for general labor or unskilled work. There is a lot of offshore/petroleum work available, especially in Norway, so that would be a good choice. Here are some possibilities, the more education and experience you have in that field, the better:

-Engineering (petroleum/offshore, mechanical, chemical, electrical/electronic would probably be the best choices).
-Some sciences (chemistry, geology).
-Some technology, although you’ll need extensive education/experience because there are many lower-level tech workers.
-Healthcare professions (nurses, doctors, etc) are in high demand.
-Qualified teaching, a graduate degree is best.

If you want to work in the Nordic countries long term, it would make things much easier for you to learn a local language. While it’s possible to get oil/gas work with only English, this usually means working for a British company in Norway. If you speak a Scandinavian language, you have more chance to be hired directly.

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