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Homes for Sale: How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

One of the biggest investments many of us make is owning a home. The common practice when selling a house is looking for a real estate agent. As we all probably know, real estate agent earn through commission, which is about seven percent of the total price, and that is a hefty portion of your equity given out to real estate agents. So, how to you sell your house like a real estate agent? There are things you need to consider before deciding to sell your house by your own without a realtor such as the price of your house, your listing, marketing strategy, selling points, negotiation skills and managing an open house.

Experts recommend that pricing properties competitively before listing it on MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a very important factor in selling a property. Utilize the internet and check classified ads and other MLS listing for you to get an idea of the selling prices of homes in your neighborhood, and then go ahead and set your own price for your property. It is never easy to set a price for your home especially if you lived there for years, and many are compelled to over price, but don’t be captured on that trap, because your goal is to sell your home, thus you need to set a realistic price for it. Experts recommend for homeowners who want to sell their houses to get a flat fee listing on the MLS, which is the most comprehensive list of real estate properties for sale in the United States. You can advertise your house through by putting up “for sale” signs, listing on major reputable shopping platforms, avail brochures, yard signs and market through social media. The real cost of selling your house by your own is the effort and time you invest in selling your home, and the advertising medium you’ll be using is just a fraction of a real estate agent’s commission.

You can hold an open house for advertising the sale of your home, by posting signs around your neighborhood. Give your visitors some light refreshments and distribute brochures for them to take when they leave. Establish the selling points of your home and include them on your listings such as the location, price, lot size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and specific information that make your house special to prospective buyers. Research online listings to get an idea of the specific details that agents and sellers include in their listings. The several details of houses you can find online include granite counter tops, oak wood deck, stainless steel appliances and antique furniture included, all used to entice prospective buyers. Don’t limit yourself and make some creative strategies such as offering a free flat screen LED television that an average person cannot afford if a prospective buyer buy your house.If You Think You Understand Sales, Then Read This

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