How to find oil or construction jobs in Norway?

Question by Sporty: How to find oil or construction jobs in Norway?
Hello everyone,

I want to find a job (as a blue-collor worker) to work in oil or construction company in Norway. But I do not know how to look for these jobs…online, or …? I live in Romania, Europe.

If someone knows any company name, any sites or links please let me know asap. Thanks to all of you

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Answer by Robert D
About jobs in Norway can be read in

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Question by Mary: What’s it like to live and go to college in Norway?
I am a highschooler in the us and plan to go to college in Oslo. I am an “A” student if that matters. How much money would I need a year to cover tuition, housing, food, ect.? Can I get a scholarship being a foreign student? Do I need to learn the language? How are the people their? What’s the weather like?(I live in south florida) I know its cold, but cold is it? How can I get a job? Is their anything else I should know? Thanks

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Answer by RWgirl
In order to get a permit to reside in Norway during studies, you need to show you have NOK 94 400/yr (subject to change annually). That is pretty much what it will cost you to live in Norway annually as a student. You will be able to work 20 hrs/week during school and 40 hrs/week during holidays.

There is student housing, which will save you a lot of money. You usually have to share a bathroom, but you have your own room. Utilities are generally included, but not always. Price varies by location:!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfwNvJ0dTP0NXAyNDA38TU3cDKADKRwLlcQBHAwK6w0H2YaowQaiAyOM2388jPzdVvyA3wiDLxFERALAhRmw!/dl3/d3/L0lDUmlTUSEhL3dHa0FKRnNBL1lCUmZ3QSEhL2Vu/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/migration/SiO%20-%20en/SiO%20homepage

Tuition is essentially free. There’s a small semester fee and you have to purchase your books.

You won’t qualify for student loans or stipends from Norway. You’d have to see if any American programmes would cover you.

Nearly all undergrad programmes are taught in Norwegian, which means you’d have to pass the Bergenstest in order to be admitted. This test is at an advanced (C-1) level and can either be taken in the country or though the Norwegian consulate in the US.

In addition to the test, you’ll need 1 year of university in the US. If you are seeking admittance to something that needs more than generel studiekompetanse, you’ll need AP highschool classes or CLEP tests.

Here’s more info and where you apply for uni (you don’t apply directly to the unis in Norway):

Specific information regarding USA education (in Norwegian, but google translate does a pretty good job):

The application deadline for foreign students is the first of March for the following academic year.

People are friendly, but it can take some time to make good friends. This will be different for you starting uni, however. During the first two weeks, you’ll be put into groups with people you’ll do lots of activities with. You’ll get to know the people in your group quite well as well as most of your class.

The weather is nice except for winter. Winter is Oslo is miserable. There’s not much daylight, and if there is snow, it’s brown and nasty. It can also be quite slippery. It also lasts longer than you’re probably used to. We just got another snowfall in Oslo and right now it’s -2.9 C outside. Winter temperatures can be as low as -30 C but it’s usually more like -5 C. Summers are generally around 20 C.

Getting a part time job can be challenging. Do make sure you have enough money to support yourself for at least 6 months, while still having at least NOK 94 400 in May (expect it will go up) when you need to renew your study permit. There are temp agencies, you can also search for jobs via, among other websites. You can send your CV and cover letter (those are pretty much mandatory with job applications in Norway) directly to companies as well.

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  1. Try NAV, but it’s all in Norwegian

    Be aware that on the Norwegian side there’s a high expectation of training and education, this isn’t the US!

    The largest Norwegian company operating are Statoil, but a lot of platform jobs are through agencies and subcontractors, so back to NAV

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