Netherlands, Belgium, or Luxembourg, which would you want to live in and why?

Question by Reverend J: Netherlands, Belgium, or Luxembourg, which would you want to live in and why?

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Answer by College Life
Belgium baby! :) I was born there but I came to the states when I was like 4, so I would love to go back, plus my dad said its the most beautiful place he’s ever been…and he’s been everywhere lolz

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Question by : I want to emigrate to Norway, but im uncertain of what employees are needed out there.?
According to the various websites I have been to, the employees that are most sought after and the most rock solid careers include, engineers, fisherman, geologists and computer programmers. The oil and gas industry seems to be the most successful, but im not that filled in regarding the careers within it. Im primarily interested in being enlightened about the best paid careers in Norway, and if possible what the necessities are to work in those careers. Preferably to work in the city, I don’t mind the countryside but I live in London and I would like to socialize and network with Norwegians and perhaps in the country being from a large city I wouldn’t get to really experience Norway. As you can most likely tell by my rambling, im a guy who hasn’t been to Norway before and is very oblivious to what its like over there.

I don’t want to go over to Norway and sponge of their welfare system , I want to work their and experience the culture and the country.

P.S I think its important to the learn the language of the country you plan on emigrating too, but is it a waste of time and not a good idea, im prepared to learn it and would be eager to learn it if necessary. Furthermore, im not just interested in high paid careers. If it is possible to go to Norway and do jobs that require no qualifications such as construction working etc.?
THOMAS, what qualifications would I need to become an oil engineer? I have just finished secondary school. So I am talking about from the very beginning. Im certainly in it for more than work, my only concern with being an oil engineer is that I wouldn’t be able to network and go out, is that the case, as you mentioned 4 days off, can you go to the mainland?

Is it possible for me to live there, attend the parties, skii, enjoy myself and live relatively comfortable if I was to work a manual job, what jobs would they include and are they really bad?

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Answer by Uncle
no .. they have plenty of unskilled worker

Why not start with a two week vacation there
it will either cement your desire or give you another idea …


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  1. I’m going to buck the trend and say the Netherlands (albeit biased as I am living there anyway!)

    Luxembourg is a nice country, but it is so very small, and to live there I would find it a little too elitist to be honest. Granted this is only based on a couple of short weekend breaks there and a friend who is from there.

    Belgium is a nice country. It has the reputation of being “boring” but has some beautiful areas like the Ardennes. There are a lot of pluses e.g. shorter hospital waiting lists that the Netherlands which is why I had an operation in Belgium instead of here.

    Then onto the Netherlands. Of course the vast majority of people think immediately of Amsterdam in their association with the Netherlands but the country is so much more than just the capital alone. Where I live is about 40mins drive from Amsterdam and in a very great area, beautiful to travel around, but close enough to Den Haag and Amsterdam to go when I want.

    The public transport network here is excellent (compensating for the nightmare of driving a car in rush hours which is definitely a negative for this country!)

    The weather is similar in all three, so there is no much to choose on that score.

    Speaking as a mum of two youngsters then family life is important to me, and in that respect I am very happy where I am. The Netherlands consistently comes out top in many surveys on family well being and happiness of kids e.g. http://www.businessweek.com/careers/workingparents/blog/archives/2009/05/happy_happy_dut.html and although there could be more improvement, the work vs family balance here is pretty good compared with other countries (I draw comparisons from the UK and Norway where I have lived as well)

    Assuming you are Serbian and don’t speak the native languages, then I would say that it would be easier to find work in both Brussels and Amsterdam, and of the two cities then I would definitely pick Amsterdam.

    So, I guess it depends on your situation, what you are looking for and why. However, I don’t think that any of the three is a “poor” choice when given the option.

  2. I have never lived in any of the countries but I have visited all three and I will have to say I would like to live in Belgium, Luxembourg is too small for me and Luxembourg city just seemed trashy overall, as for the Netherlands, I am sort of up tight so they are to free for all for me. The mood in Brussels was just my style!

  3. Oil engineer is the absolute best option that is very exclusive to Norway. But then you won’t work in a city, unfortunately, but you earn about 6.000.000 NOK(660.500 £) a year, which is an INSANE pay. And you only work about 3 days a week, BUT you live in the middle of nowhere on some oil rig way north.

    But Norway is not the land you should work in for high pay, because Norway is strongly influenced by socialism, so if you earn a lot you tax insane, so you would tax over 50% of that money, and everything is way more expensive in Norway. Norway is the most expensive country in the world. So basically Norway is a good country for people with no education to come and mooch off because of the socialist government and welfare system. So basically it favors the poor and disfavors the rich.

    So I would not recommend you to work in Norway for high pay. But if you are in it for more than just work, Norway is a great country to live in, beautiful women and lots of nightlife and parties. And if you are not that kind of guy you can enjoy the nature or whatever ;)

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