Q&A: How do I find jobs in Norway?

Question by joseph: How do I find jobs in Norway?
I’m planning on moving to Norway and need to line up some employment before I get there. I’m a certified Mercedes Benz technician and need to know how I can find a dealer in Norway to work at. I don’t care where it is. If I find employment in Norway, the location of the dealer will determine where I live. I just need to get hired somewhere before I commit to moving. It’s a long story why I want to move to Norway, I just need info on how to find work there. Can anybody help?

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Answer by Frank
you need to speak and writethe language


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2009 OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Meeting
employment norway

Image by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Ms. Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development and Employment, New Zealand; Dag Terje Andersen, Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion, Norway; and Jaime Domingo López, Vice Minister of Employment and Labour Productivity, Mexico, at the OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Meeting on 28 September 2009.

For more information about the meeting, visit: www.oecd.org/employment/ministerial

Ref: CD209-120-63

Question by Matt: What are the major differences between living in Norway and living in Sweden?
I need information on the differences between living in Norway and living in Sweden.

I would like to know only about Major differences, like if the governments are fundamentally different and this affects the lifestyle.

Would a person who has lived in Sweden their entire life experience a “culture shock” in any way when they move to Norway, or vice versa?

Any sources you could link so that I could find out more about this would be really helpful.


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Answer by Sami Korpela
Norway is one of the most expensive countries to live in so i guess moving there from anywhere would be somewhat of a shock.

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  1. Norway and Sweden are VERY similar. The internal differences are in many cases larger than the differences between the countries, so a person moving from Finnmark (North of Norway) to Oslo (capitol of Norway) would experience more of a culture shock than a person moving from Oslo to Stockholm (capitol of Sweden).

    The governments are very similar, and both countries follow the “Nordic model” of social democratic well fare states.

    Main differences are:
    Swedes are more urban and cosmopolitan than Norwegians.
    Norway is more expensive than Sweden.
    The Norwegian economy and thus employment and wages is stronger than Sweden.
    Norway is slightly more christian than Sweden (still mostly atheist).
    There are some differences in food culture, but most would consider both strange.

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