Im an american that wants to get married to norwegian in norway?

Question by Te~Dua: Im an american that wants to get married to norwegian in norway?
I been researching day in and out. My eyes are getting tired, trying to figure out how to do this. I only want answers from people that KNOW or have experience in this, and didn’t just research.

Im so in love with this norwegian, mind you ive been in numerous relationships before and haven’t even been in love as much as i am now, that i cant bare the thought of being away from him. SO i appreciate ANY help or reccomendations (anything) that will make it easier.

I am a 22 year old american, my fiance is 25 norwegian. Im currently in norway, my tourist visa is up in may. I want to get married asap, and reside with him and start a family. And no i dont have any college education. And im wondering if it would make it easier if i was a New Zealand citizen instead, because i could even go that route.

Im also wondering if my minor criminal history in america effects this in norway. I only got caught stealing food in a grocery store in 2010, 12 $ worth, although it wasnt considered a felony. I have a 1,500 charge, and few expensive hospital bills, and such , does this effect my ability to marry and live in norway?
If at all possible, also wondering if it would just be easier to get married in another country perhaps? And then file to live in norway that way. Or perhaps would it be easier to get married in the UK, seeing as he can easily get a UK passport because of his dad being from there. Thank you

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Answer by Ben Jones
…and you cannot use google translate? The very first page I found was:


“What is required to get married in Norway?
You must be staying in Norway legally in order to get married here, for example if you are here on a visa visit, you are a foreign national who does not require a visa or because you have a valid residence permit.

If you are planning to get married in Norway, you can apply for a residence permit to enter into marriage (fiancé permit). Read more about the fiancé permit.

Before you can get married in Norway, the population register (the Norwegian Tax Administration) will check whether the conditions for marriage are met and issue a certificate. If you as a foreign national are planning to get married in Norway, the population register will require you to provide documentation from your home country (certificate of non-impediment to marriage) that, among other things, proves you are unmarried. Contact the population register to find out what documentation from your home country is required for you to get married in Norway. You can read more about documentation for entering into a marriage on the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website (in Norwegian).”

That all sounds very much straight forward to me. But – getting married does absolutely not give you any right to stay or live in Norway. In addition, having married a Norwegian, gives you no right to bring him to USA to live with you.

Since immigration to Norway is, for all practical purposes stopped you can count on many many years in the immigration queue before you are even considered for immigration.

Bringing your new husband to USA is equally difficult. But, you can start here. (They don’t care if you are married or not, only about the stability of your relationship.) This process takes from two to three years to complete. In the meantime, your husband’s passport will be flagged and he will find it very difficult to enter USA as a tourist, he will always be suspected fo coming to stay. Start here:



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living in norway

Image by Nouhailler
Norway is famous for its fjords, two of which, the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord, feature on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Sognefjord, the longest of them all, and the Hardangerfjord, famed for its cherry and apple trees, are among the most visited.

Northern lights
The Northern lights are a common natural phenomenon in Northern Norway, and are most commonly observed above the Arctic Circle between late autumn and early spring.

Midnight sun
The sun does not set in summer over the Arctic Circle, meaning visitors to Northern Norway enjoy 24 hours of daylight this time of year.

The weather in Norway is much milder than one would expect. Because of the Gulf Stream, temperatures along the coast of Norway are 5-8°C higher than at comparable latitudes elsewhere.

The Vikings have a bad reputation as raiders, but they were also traders, explorers and settlers, and the legacy from the Viking Age (AD 800-1050) lives on.

The Sami people
The Sami are the indigenous people of Norway. Known for their colourful clothes and the huge herds of reindeer they look after, the Sami have been living in northern Scandinavia for over 10,000 years, and today they have their own parliament in Karasjok.

Famous Norwegians
These include explorers Roald Amundsen, Fridtjof Nansen and Thor Heyerdahl, composer Edvard Grieg, violin virtuoso Ole Bull, artist Edvard Munch, playwright Henrik Ibsen, novelist Knut Hamsun, and politician Gro Harlem Brundtland, among many others.

The Royal Family
King Harald V, the King of Norway, and Queen Sonja have two children: a son, Crown Prince Haakon, who is married to Crown Princess Mette-Marit, with whom he has two children and a daughter, Princess Martha Louise, who is married to Ari Mikael Behn.

Trolls are an important part of Norwegian folklore. They vary in size and appearance, but are invariably ugly and messy creatures, and always mischievous (if not downright nasty). They usually live in caves or deep in the forest, and only emerge from their hiding places after sunset – legend has it that they turn to stone upon contact with the sun. Several places in Western and Northern Norway have been named after them, such as Trollheimen, Trollstigen, Trollhatten and Trollveggen.

In Norway everyone has the right of access ("allemannsretten") in the countryside – including the national parks.

Marked trails
Several national parks have arrangements for outdoor activities with a network of marked paths and trails and overnight accommodation in either staffed lodges or self-service cabins.

In vulnerable areas where it is desirable to limit the impact of visitors, paths and accommodation are minimal. General regulations concerning free access and special regulations concerning preservation in the individual parks may limit what is allowed.

Wild reindeer
National parks are particularly important for species that need relatively large and undisturbed areas to survive, such as wild reindeer, predators and birds of prey. Many of these are at great risk from human intervention and some are even threatened with extinction. Norway has an international responsibility to look after endangered species and their habitats.

Nearly 85 per cent of Norway’s national parks are mountains. The mountain landscape varies from endless gently rolling high plateaus to sharp peaks, ravines and glaciers.

Question by allerton7777: What are the first steps of moving to Norway from USA?
I have lived in Norway for the past year as an exchange student. And would like to move back here next year for another year of art school. I am uncertain how possible this is for me. Regarding work and residence. Any advice would be apreciated.

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Answer by alosscause2
uh greencard! visa allows u 6 months and a passport 3 months

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One comment on “Im an american that wants to get married to norwegian in norway?

  1. I think you misunderstood. I do have direct experience with Norwegian immigration. I’m not going to elaborate on a public forum as to how and why for various reasons.

    Yes, it’s easier for you to get married in Sweden since you can’t be married in Norway currently. No matter what, you have to file for your fiancee permit or family reunification from your home country for Norway or Sweden.

    You also do have to visit your embassy to get an affidavit you are free to marry, and yes, they still do this. I can even take a picture of one done this past year and upload it to show that they still do this.

    I know the filing is an issue, and that’s totally understandable. You do have visa free time in the UK, so maybe the best solution is to get married, go back to the US and file your paperwork, do your interview, then spend time togethwr in the UK while you await your decision.

    Edit: No, the current wait time for family reunification isn’t years, and immigration to Norway is far from stopped (UDI isn’t just accepting and processing family reunification for the sheer joy of doing paperwork). 80% have an answer within six months. Provided you have everything in order when you apply, given where you come from, you could reasonably expect it to be closer to four.

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