Q&A: Which country should an exchange student choose?

Question by Sara: Which country should an exchange student choose?
I am a 15 years old girl from Norway, and i am concidering to go to either England or the USA for my exchange-year next year. My mother wants me to go to England, becauce it is closer to Norway so it would be cheaper for her to visit me. I would rather go to the USA. My mother does not allow me to go to any other english-speaking countries because she thinks they speak with ugly accents…. Could you guys give me some reasons why i should pick the other country rather than the other?

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Answer by Monica J
Ooo I’ve heard a few ugly accent in the UK and USA. Go with your heart …USA. its a huge place, any where specific? Every one thinks that the England represents the UK all royalty and plums in ones mouth, venture outside London and its VERY different. Ireland and Scotland are awesome places for scenery and friendliness so dont miss out on seeing them if you can. ENJOY

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  1. ..England. Your mother is just doing what she thinks is best for you. Maybe she will reward you if she picks what you want with something spent with the money saved from going to England?

    Also..there’s a lot more Norwegians in England

  2. There are so many opportunities here in the US, but there are also a lot of things you can do in England. If you really choose America as your first pick, tell your mom that it’s your decision while not being rude or childish about it. Tell her that you have to start making a few decisions of your own if you want to be successful, which is very true. When you talk to her, don’t get her up in your grill, but talk to her casually. Even if she starts yelling or raising her voice, be completely understanding of where she comes from. Of course, a right-minded parent always wants to be close to their child. Agree to whatever you really agree with. Keep a strong hold onto your opinion, but don’t push your mom down. This goes for everything, and if you show how mature you can be with the situation of just handling conversations with her, maybe she’ll realize how much you’ve grown and oblige with you. Whatever the outcome, I hope it all works out. Good luck!

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