do people honestly believe that video games is any reason for violence in children?

Question by You: do people honestly believe that video games is any reason for violence in children?
before i go on a rant and get off topic my main point is there has to be a mental illness for anyone to be violent, outside of defending your self or others. i have been playing violent video games as long as they have been around, even before i was suppose to and i am a border line pacifist. i wil only fight defending myself or others. that is all. granted im normal and i was raised right but i am living proof that violent video games do not make you want to do or try violent things. and if people are blaming them for bringing out a violent urge of a mentally unstable person, what about movies? what about the internet? now im not saying violent images would not effect a child negatively, but thats why there are age requirements. who agrees and if you disagree tell me why

Answer by SUKHI
It really depends on what the game is rated and what game it is!!

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  1. You make a good point. People are always blaming the entertainment industry for much of the violence across the world. I honestly think that’s why there are age requirements. To all parents, don’t make your 6 year old play Call of Duty when it’s rate M 17+, because violence and shooting is not something that you want to feed young, innocent children’s minds. But in my opinion, mental illnesses, anger, depression, drug abuse, dysfunctional families, etc. are bigger causes for these attacks.

  2. I agree with you 100% because you can’t stop violence in the world. It it’s not video games, movies, the internet etc. Than it is reality. On Friday everybody knows about the shooting in New town, that was a SCHOOL. So think of that. If it happens at schools, where will it happen next? We don’t know where, when, why it will happen, but we will not always be able to keep away from violence. So, if this is happening everywhere, why would you blame video games, the internet, movies etc. We live in a world that is not like Call Of Duty. What children lay their eyes on, get into their brain. They then want to do violence. Just like smoking. What they see, they do.

  3. No! Byron Garcia’s approach of “Sweet love with Thriller” works better. What will hard labour do? They’ll come out angry and maybe take a revenge. Yes, there are people that get maturer after some hard labour, but that works only on a very small part of people. You need be scientific and study each prisoner. Study psychology. Usually they just lack some love and they turn violent, or they have issues from childhood abuse. Why enslave them?

    After they started dancing in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, violence decreased and many prisoners went on to find a career in dancing. This is a good sign, prisoners or detainees coming out with a will to live a normal life. In Japan people are respected, they have nice lives and they don’t want to bring shame on their family, so that’s why they have the most peaceful country. Low crime rates don’t come with hateful labour. It comes with love and respect that is earned. If you want respect, earn it. And there’s a prison in Norway where prisoners are almost free. Murderers and thieves work on ferries or they do some gardening. Look at this video at the end at 5:30.

    I’ll let Einstein explain why tough love doesn’t work.

    “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed”.

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