Can an american move/live in norway and work?

Question by semi: Can an american move/live in norway and work?
When i graduate from medical school id like to move to norway. If i learned the language could i work and live in norway or is there some sort of law that would prevent me from doing this?

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Answer by LadyMerton
you have to contact the Norway Immigration Agency for Information


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Question by Alexander: How to become a Cruise Ship Captain?
I have always wanted to become a cruise ship captain. If you look at the Captain of the Oasis of the Seas, he was born in the U.S and then went to school in Norway. My true dream is to work on a Royal Caribbean Ship. I am born in the U.S what would I have to do if I when to U.S Merchant Marines.What would I do if I would go to Norway? Meaning what would I have to do after each one. And in which one do I have a better chance in being a Royal Caribbean captain.

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Answer by figure it out
The profession of a cruise ship captain is a very intriguing one but at the same time it is not easy to attain. There are lots of requirements, in terms of educational qualifications, experience and mostly, in terms of the profession itself. Only if these three requirements are more than adequately met, can a person hope to be a cruise ship captain.
The three specified requirements in order to be a marine captain can be detailed as follows:

The very basic requirement needed to become a cruise ship captain is that of education. One needs to have a Bachelor in Science with maths and science as mandatory subjects in order to take up the profession of a marine captain. Additionally, it is also important to take up a Masters’ degree from a university that offers exclusive courses for becoming a cruise ship captain.

The second-most important point that needs to be noted about educational qualifications is that in addition to the above specified degrees, individuals aspiring to be ship captains need to have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). It is on the basis of these certifications that a person can qualify to become a marine captain, even if he has fulfilled the necessary educational criterion.
Another important thing about educational qualification is that only the toppers in the marine universities are given the opportunity to become cruise ship captains. Therefore in addition to studying for a marine captain’s course, it also becomes necessary to maintain top grades at all times.
Experience-wise, in order to become ship captains, aspirants need to know the basics of what the job is all about right from the bottom of the hierarchy. After one completes his graduation from a marine university, he or she gets placed as a third mate in a ship or a vessel. The final step in the process of hierarchy of shipping officers leads to one getting the post of the marine captain.
For the sake of encouraging aspirants, internships are also provided for the post of ship mates. It however needs to be noted that not all internships develop into a job with a particular ship. Some only provide reference credentials while only a few others actually absorb the candidate as a part of the ship’s fleet.
However, as much important professional experience and education is for the profession of ship captains, so is understanding the profession itself. A marine captain needs to be aware of the responsibilities that he or she has to take care of. Individuals who are ship captains are in charge of not only the crew in a cruise ship but also of the cargo and passengers which are the main features of such ships.

This being the case, the marine captain has to be in charge at all times so that in any unwanted and unexpected situation he is able to take the right decision that is beneficial not just to the people aboard the ship but also to the ship as a whole.
It is a known fact that ship captains are required to lay down their lives in case a ship capsizes and they are unable to rescue anyone. This one example is enough to prove how much responsibility a marine captain needs to hold in order to carry out his professional duties well. Therefore it can be rightly said that it is only because of the dedication, commitment and alertness of a cruise ship captain, that people experiencing the freedom of being a cruise ship enjoy the feeling to the very maximum.

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6 comments on “Can an american move/live in norway and work?

  1. The language will be a must. You would also need employment offer before moving, that will be very hard with the UE. Since you are a USA citizen you will come last on the employment offers.
    If you had employment offer then you would be required a work visa. That is how it function.
    The law does prevent from doing so based on what I wrote above.

  2. Yes there is a law that will prevent you from doing that. Norway is part of the European Union and E.U. rules strictly prohibit Americans or other non-Europeans from working in E.U. countries. Unless you have a specialty that is in extreme need there, you would have no chance of getting a work visa. Since Norway is such an advanced nation with high level of education, just being a doctor will not get you a visa. By the time you finish med school, internship, and at lest 3 years of residency, then work long enough to pay off your loans, you may feel totally differently about trying to work in a country that does not want American workers. , you should make enough money to travel there when you like.

  3. Your most probable path would be to graduate from the U S Naval Academy, and work your way up in rank, and increasing knowledge and responsibilities on ships until you become a captain. Retire (after 20+ years), and then talk to the cruise lines.

  4. You need to attend a nautical school, pass the exams, do sea time in between, make your licenses, which is theoretical and sea time onobard tankers and cargo ships. Once you have your way worked up there, it makes sense to start on a cruise ship as a Cadet and there you need to work your way up again.

    Cadets on cruise ships mostly hold a 2nd Officer licence and have previously worked on cargo ships and tankers. Where I worked, all 2nd Officers onboard had to have a Captain’s license to get this position onboard.

    For more info in general on working onboard cruise ships:

    I recommend the below sites:

    http://www.cruiselinesjobs.com/ – for a lot of info on life onboard a cruise ship

    http://www.cruisejobhelp.com/ – for a professional evaluation of your CV, work experience and qualifications, lots of tips and info and your chances of applying for a job in the cruise industry.

    http://www.allcruisejobs.com/ – for the latest open positions onboard cruise ships.

    https://www.facebook.com/cruiselinesjobs?fref=ts – Cruiselinesjobs on Facebook

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