How can I search part time job in Norway?

Question by Shahid: How can I search part time job in Norway?
I want to remain busy so I want a part time job in Norway but how can I search that and what job should do i’m a software eng. by profession.

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Answer by jay h
try craigslist.com

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Gotta love the paint job
jobs norway

Image by Andreas Nilsen
Kjeller airshow 2012, Norway.
F-16 display by Major Eskild Amdal, RNoAF. Paint job celebrating 100 years of Norwegian military flight.

Question by Alpine junkie: Is it fair that some people are using this one wacko extremist in Norway to bash all Christians?
I’ve seen people here on Y!A trying to paint this nut job in Norway as a typical Christian. Clearly he isn’t, because Christian nations like Norway are very peaceful. There are a few wackos in every belief system. Is it fair to describe all Muslims as jihadists? Of course not. So why would it be fair to paint all Christians as fundamentalist terrorist wackos?
I’m right wing and Christian, are you accusing me of being a terrorist? Are you saying that I would spray children with bullets? Is that what you’re saying?

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Answer by Buh Hurt
Not just a Christian. A fake Christian aka a right winger.

Jesus was about helping the poor not the rich.

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  1. Don’t worry, my friend. Nobody with more than two functioning brain cells is saying anything like that. It’s just the hardcore left, which is wetting themselves with glee that they FINALLY have the white, Christian, right wing terrorist that they’ve been dreaming of for ten years.

  2. Im 99 percent sure they do this as an example of what people do to muslims.

    if you see the numbers only one terrorist attack in Europe was by an Islamic extremist and here in America we have alot of shootings from non muslims.

  3. or the “right wing” or conservatives… idk. it’s just like how they tried to blame this same crowd for jared laughner.

    or blame this same crowd for tim mcveigh when mcveigh was a self proclaimed agnostic.

  4. A. Its not just this one guy, people just tend to ignore christian terrorism, look up the ugandan “lord’s resistance army” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord's_Resistance_Army

    B. as joe said, americans ( neocons especially ) have been blaming the actions of al queda on all muslims for 10 years now.

    If you’re going to blame the actions of muslim radicals on all muslims, then you need to do the same for christian radicals…

    The point being, just as this guy is insane and obviously doesn’t represent all christians, radical muslims are just as insane and do not represent all muslims, yet a lot of people don’t understand this.

  5. We were told not to jump to conclusions with the Fort Hood shooter
    and then we told the Arizona shooter was a tea party person (Wrongly)
    now they think they have us, oh brother

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