How can someone move to Norway with no money?

Question by : How can someone move to Norway with no money?
I’m planning on moving to Norway with very little money and no real grasp on the language. How do people go about moving to places with no money? I’ve known of a lot of people who have.

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Answer by Catty
maybe get a job there before u move

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From Norway to Denmark
moving to norway

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I am moving to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I have lived in Oslo for 8 months, and before that 8 years in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

I have lived in Denmark earlier, from 1991-97, so I know the country quite well. Coming back there after almost 9 years is strange.

I will be living in Lyngby, which is just north of Copenhagen proper. I look forward to it all.

My blog entry on this has more information.

Question by basil055: How do I register with the police when I move to Norway?
When I move to Norway I’ve been told that I can live there indefinitely what does that mean? And I’ve been told I need to register with the police. How do I do that?
I’m a UK citizen.

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Answer by Frank
US citizen cannot just move there

sorry ..you should ask on the
uk yahoo site ..not the US one

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  1. Most people who move to a different country with no money usually work for a company that takes care of all of their expenses. You don’t need very much money once you’ve moved all your stuff over there, have a job and a place to live…good luck with that part…As for the language, most scandinavians speak english so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  2. No offense but you must be a very naive person to assume that you can move to Norway just like that. In order to move there you would need to have a job there and know the language.

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