Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands?

Question by Elton: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands?
Hi, well have completed my Bachelors degree in Chemical Engg., now planning for masters, i wanted to know whether studying my masters in Sweden will entitle me to an open work permit after the course?
Also is it the same for Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands?
Because in NZ after doing a course you are entitled an open work permit for a year after the completion of the course.
Well I completed my graduation from the University of Bombay, India., and now am currently studying Business in NZ, so I was wondering whether it is the same for these countries or not.
I’m looking for a genuine answer. Please help me!!
Thank You.

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Answer by Elizabeth
Studying in any of these countries doesn’t automatically entitle you to a work permit, but they offer the chance to stay after studies in order to look for work.

Jobs require company sponsorship after your study permit has ended. Any available job has to be openly advertised before a company can hire a foreigner, and there can be no suitable applicants from any country that has free rights to live and work in the EU. There are almost always suitable applicants except for highly specialized jobs that require uncommon skills. Engineering is one of the fields lacking workers, but by no means is a job guaranteed especially now in the bad economy. Companies are wary of hiring foreigners when there are so many locals without jobs.

Sweden allows you to change your study permit to a work permit though, if you are already working a skilled job when your study permit ends.



Denmark allows you to stay for 6 months to look for work:


Finland allows 6 months:

And in the Netherlands, it’s a year:


Norway isn’t in the EU so the rules are slightly different. You still need company sponsorship, and a company will likely hire someone local over a person they need to sponsor. But there are many engineering jobs here, and not enough workers to fill them particularly in the oil business. In Norway, you have 6 months after you graduate to stay and find a job.


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Question by blondie103: Can someone from Europe work in Norway?
and what papers does one need? and is it easy for foreigners to find a job?

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Answer by Nicky
I assume you speak fluent Norwegian?

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  1. Isn’t Norway part of the EU?

    If you are an EU national, in theory you can live and work anywhere in the EU – but in practice, there needs to be work for you, and I wouldn’t advise upping and moving if you don’t have a job lined up, and certainly not if you don’t have a good third-level educational qualification.

    Contact the Embassy of Norway in your country and ask them.

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