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Q&A: What do you think about Norway?

Question by Bella Blast: What do you think about Norway?
Any thoughts about the typical norwegian?

I’m from Norway, and just wonder how the rest of the world really sees us.

Thanks for answering:D

Best answer:

Answer by shah mahmud
land of midnight sun.very romantic place

What do you think? Answer below!

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work norway

Image by Håkon Iversen Photog – On and off Flickr
I’m (kinda) back!

Lots of things going on at work these days. I am therefore not able to spend as much time on Flickr as I would have wanted. I will try and get through people’s streams as much as I can, but I will probably only have time in the afternoons.

I shot this in a small Nature Reserve on Andøya called Sørmela. A fantastic place that I can’t wait to visit in the summer. Low evening summer sun in this place must be brilliant.

This was just a quick comp I did, and one of the few exposures I bothered doing here. The light was disappearing fast, and not much foreground to work with. That combined with me having walked abt 2km with too much clothes on made me get some shots off quick and get back to the car. It was as much a recon mission for hot spots as it was for getting some shots.

I actually sold this shot to someone who has a summer house in this area, which is always nice. :-)

Hope you like it.

Canon 5D
Canon 17-40 @ 17mm
Lee .9 soft ND grad
Heliopan Polariser


Question by Colin: Quick Travel Question for Norway?
I have Dual Citizenship U.S. and Filipino im about to leave for Norway next week from Manila the only question I have is do I use my U.S. passport upon entry to Norway or my Filipino passport?

Best answer:

Answer by GerdP
You use or U.S. passport upon entry; it enables a visa free stay of up to 90 days. You would have needed to apply for a visa in Manila if you plan to enter Norway on the regular Philippines passport.
http://www.udi.no/Norwegian-Directorate-of-Immigration/Central-topics/Visa/Who-needs-a-visa-/ ..

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