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Q&A: Studying abroad in Europe?

Question by Fire: Studying abroad in Europe?
Hi guys i was wondering how could i study in Europe i am currently studying business administration and i would like to switch my study and study abroad , maybe in Norway or Sweden
i have my dutch passport from my mother btw i am half Egyptian
and Dutch but the only problem i dont have money to survive there , what should i do and do i have to take the language course before i continue my study

thanks guys
angelica i dont understand what u are pointing at but this wasn’t my quest sorry i was just askin if anyone who lived in euorpe could give me some guidance how would make some money can i ask for a scholarship should i first take language course before continuing my study that’s was all i am asking

Best answer:

Answer by Angelica
Is that a program by your school? If it is, get a financial aid. Nope you don't need to study the language because your school will most likely put you in an english speaking school.

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Monash Abroad – Chile
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Image by Monash University
Would you like to travel to the Netherlands to immerse yourself in Dutch culture (think clogs, cheese and Flemish art) but continue your course in English? Could learning Asian business skills in a local language, and a few games of tea house mahjong, improve your global career prospects? Gain a competitive edge against your peers by studying at the University of Oklahoma, world-renowned for their research and teaching in atmospheric sciences. Maybe soaking up the Madrid sun, feasting on tapas and polishing your Spanish, while continuing your studies, is more your speed, or you might like to study alongside the scientists who played an integral role in the discovery of the Higgs Boson while exploring Israel’s most dynamic and diverse city.

As a Monash student, you can do all of this, and more, with an overseas exchange. Find out more about our exchange program here monash.edu/study-abroad/outbound/exchange/

Question by Thelotr: I want to travel to Norway?
Hey! I`m a 18 year old guy from The united States. Im done in High school and have graduated. I really want to travel to Norway and stay there a month or two and maybe study a bit there. What is the cheapest way to get there? I dont have much money and im not sure how much the plane tickets cost.


Best answer:

Answer by T. N
Hi, Jack! I actually just got done studying for four months in Norway. When I went, I got a plane ticket to London, stayed for three days at a very cheap hotel, and then flew on to Oslo. All of that cost about $ 700 (one way), which was cheaper than just flying straight to Oslo ($ 850). Round-trip flights could be anywhere from $ 800 to $ 1200+, depending where in the US you are flying from and when you purchase your ticket. If you can find a cheap ticket to Copenhagen, there is a cruise ship between Copenhagen and Oslo that sometimes has really good deals (http://www.dfdsseaways.no/ — use Google Chrome to view it, since it’s in Norwegian).

I should really warn you, though, Norway is *extremely* expensive, especially dairy and meat products. For example, a liter (ca. 1/4 a gallon) of milk was over $ 2.00. It’s not a very easy place to live on a budget.

My suggestion is to search for a program and/or scholarships to help you pay for your trip. If you’re attending a US college, contact the study abroad office there. If not, fastweb.com has many study abroad scholarships. There is also this site: http://www.studyinnorway.no/

The one really awesome thing about studying in Norway, though, is that for most college programs, you don’t have to pay any tuition, just a semester fee. The Study in Norway site has a search function, and if you look at the information for a program, it shows whether tuition is charged or not.

Good Luck!

And remember, Norway has a beautiful landscape!

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