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Q&A: Do you know any accomodation agency speaking english in Norway?

Question by Geratromb: Do you know any accomodation agency speaking english in Norway?
I got a job in Tromso and now I have to find a place where to live there this summer 2009. But I do not speak Norwegian and the agencies I have found do not have website in English.
Can anyone help me please?? I also speak german and spanish, but for Norwegian I’ll need time!

Best answer:

Answer by kittysue2000
If you call them, they should have someone in the office speaking English.Or email them in English explaining that you do not speak Norwegian and if someone English speaking can contact you. Most Norwegians speak excellent English.

Also, if you have a job, ask your company if they can recommend any agencies for you.

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Question by Gwen: how much salary an au pair can make in norway ?
im asian and would like to work as an aupair in norway…it was my previous job in hongkong… any idea how much can i get in norway as full time nanny and housemaid? and do i have to work saturday and sunday?

Best answer:

Answer by Apocripha
Well, according to a study made by Marianne Hovdan on au pairs in Norway, you get roughly $ 400-500 a month, and the workload is supposed to be roughly 30 hours a week. However, most au pairs work more than that, some even more than 45 hours a week.

Unfortunately, a lot of the families don’t follow what’s written in the contract, and give too great a workload, or don’t pay out the entire pay as they’re supposed to, so think about it for a while, and check out as much as you can before actually leaving for Norway. Finding a legit agency and work through them seems to be the best way to make sure you get your rights.

Good luck!

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