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How come I have a career , but have to live in a ghetto fortress, and Scandinavia has almost no crime?

Question by : How come I have a career , but have to live in a ghetto fortress, and Scandinavia has almost no crime?
How come I have a career , but have to live in a ghetto fortress, and Scandinavia has almost no crime?

I am a public school teacher in Los Angeles. The only house I can afford on my salary is a 780 square foot ghetto home in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I have burglar bars and doors, an alarm, a gate with a huge master lock on it, motion activated floodlights, a 115 pound German Shepherd from the pound, I keep a loaded Smith & Wesson Model 64 .38 special loaded with +p 125 grain hollowpoints under my pillow and a Winchester 1300 Defender 20 gauge shotgun loaded with #3 buckshot in the closet. I live on the Border between the largest gang in Los Angeles , 18th ST. and the meanest gang MS 13. I don’t step a foot outside the house without a loaded Beretta 950 .25 automatic.

When I visit my cousins in Norway (my Dad was born in Oslo, my Mom in Copenhagen) they don’t bother to lock their doors or their bikes. If a stranger knocks on their door late at night asking directions (they live out of the way, on a lonely highway) they invite the stranger in for dinner. I on the other hand have an ancient Model T Ford tiny little garage by my back alley the local punks and gang members like to sneak into and drink beer and smoke cigarettes. I have to shoo them away with the shotgun because I am a very small man (five foot four, 110 pounds), and if I just take my pistol, they don’t take me seriously.

Blacks don’t live here. It is a latino ghetto. I said 18th st Gang and MS 13. I didn’t say Bloods and Crips

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Answer by give trickle up a chance
the way you describe scandinavia is much like Canada, where i’m from. i credit my safe situation and somewhat stable economy to universal health care, government initiatives to create jobs and ease education, and the absence of republicans.

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Question by Intelligence et La Force: Baby Name Game: Describe your dream life?
I did a game like this earlier but I think they are fun so I’m doing another one. Describe your kids, husband, career, life, etc. Add anything you want. Just have fun with it!
I’ll put up my answer in a little while.
My answer:

I’m 21 and I have just graduated from college with two degrees in ancient history and archaeology. I decide to travel the world the summer before I go to work and occasionally volunteer at some archaeological digs as a field worker. I visit many places and go to all 7 continents. I have many adventures such as scuba diving, interacting with different cultures, archaeological digs, etc. At the end of my adventure, I stop in London where I meet the man of my dreams. His name is Nicholas O’Connell. He is 6’3 with dirty blonde hair, kind gray eyes, a brilliant mind, and he is kinda stocky and very good looking. He is kind, gentle, bold, smart, kinda cocky at times but I change that, strong, and overall an incredible man. He has just graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Systems Engineering and he was traveling like me before he started work. We immediately fall in love and when it was time for us to leave, we promised to keep in touch. When I’m 2
I’m 29 and he is 31, I have worked all over the world as an field technician and now am the Field Supervisor and he has been stationed as a Physical Scientist all over the world for the US Army. He proposes to me and we elope and get married in Paris. We decide to settle down in Washington DC where he can continue his career and I work for the Smithsonian and we start a family. On September 15th that next year, I give birth to a beautiful baby girl named Eva Adeline. She is beautiful with my auburn wavy hair and his gray eyes. We are very happy with our new daughter but only 5 months later, we find out I’m pregnant again. On February 27th that next year, I give birth to a handsome little boy named Henry James. He has his fathers dirty blonde hair and my blue eyes. As they grow up, Eva becomes very strong, smart, and adventurous and she is an avid writer. She is also 5’11 with short auburn hair and gorgeous gray eyes. Henry is much like his father but more stubborn. He remains blonde th
throughout his life and still has my blue eyes. When they grow up Eva becomes a freelance travel writer and refuses to settle down and refuses to get married and have kids. She is very free and an incredible woman. Henry at first decides not to go to college and he joins the Air force. After serving for two years, he goes to college and becomes a Mechanical Engineer. He also marries and has to kids named Jack and Alice. I die a very happy old woman warm in my bed.

Sorry guys my computer keeps cutting parts of my answer off.

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Answer by Einsteinet42
Ok I will try.
So first my name will be changed to Hope Katherine ——–. I will adopt 2 twins at 6 or so and name the Harmony and Gabriela. I won’t be married but I will live in a rural place on my farm writing my books. I will have a pony for each of my girls and two horses for myself. One for me to ride and one for me to train. I will have 4 dogs 2 pugs and two chiwawas.

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