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Q&A: annoying mother in law?

Question by ♥♥♥: annoying mother in law?
I moved here in Norway to be with my husband. I had to learn their difficult language first before I can find any decent job so Im attending the language school for a year now for free. I feel like my mother in law thinks Im a burden to her son cuz just after a few months I arrived here,shes been bugging me to find a job everytime she sees me. We do not live with her in the same house and she is definitely not feeding me. I have been married almost 2 years now, no baby yet and my wonderful husband has never required me to find work cuz he said its my choice and he is earning enough. Its not like Im not doing anything cuz I have inquired in the employment agencies already and I havent received a call yet at all. So while going in school,Ive been working online for a year now, earn about 50 dollars a month, not much I know but its better than nothin. The funny thing is, she has not work very much too when shes younger and retired early. Is it her business if I choose to stay home or not?

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Answer by mistyrain
It is none of her business!!!!!

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Question by Christopher Moltisanti: I got my passport in the mail today.?
And was wondering what Electronic passports are? Does a person scan them or a scanning machine? i ask because i’ll be flying to manchester airport in the Uk For the first time i don’t no how it works there with immigration. do they use machines there?

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Answer by GerdP
They have automated passport control gates but only for the EU/EEA/CH citizens lane and for passport holders of the U.K., the European Union, and of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland who are not subject to immigration controls.
http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/agencies-public-bodies/ips/passports/passport-developments/ ..

Citizen of other countries must pass through the “all passports” lane and must present the passport to a U.K. Border Agency officer who will scan it against the data base of unwelcomed persons and will affix two stamps to passports of those countries which are exempt from the visa requirement. The first stamp will be:


The second stamp will show the date and place of entry to the United Kingdom. Holders of a valid visa affixed to the passport by a U.K. Embassy or Consulate General abroad will only receive the entry stamp since the conditions of their stay are entered on the visa..

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