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Was the Nuclear “summit” simply another opportunity for 0blahma to bloviate?

Question by Jimmbbo: Was the Nuclear “summit” simply another opportunity for 0blahma to bloviate?
Summit a dud in foreign press

President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit brought together leaders of 46 other countries for an unprecedented international conference on fissile material.

It’s a major story for the White House — but how is it playing outside the United States?

Belgium’s Euroactiv news played down the summit, duly noting on its Web site that European leaders share Obama’s goal for safeguarding nuclear materials.

The story ranked below a report on a socialists-and-bankers dispute, and another observing that European Parliament members have yet to embrace Twitter.

Canadian television was of the view that Canada was playing a major role at the summit, leading other nations by agreeing to send the U.S. all of its weapons-grade uranium for safekeeping.

“Canada setting example on nuclear safety with U.S.,” the Canadian Television story was headlined.

The Sydney Morning Herald worried over Pakistan. Finland’s Helsinki Sanomat didn’t have a story on the summit, nor did the Norway Post, although both countries sent officials to Washington.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, facing a tough re-election climate back home, opted not to attend the summit. The Daily Telegraph carried a story questioning China’s commitment to sanctions against Iran — an issue the White House was touting as a summit achievement.

Goodluck Jonathan, the eloquently named acting president of Nigeria, attended the summit and also took time out in Washington to address the Council on Foreign Relations.

NPR produced a lengthy story about the Nigerian leader for “Morning Edition,” but the Nigerian Tribune’s report on Jonathan’s trip focused on his remarks on domestic issues, not nukes.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Obama-heralds-nuke-talk-90791244.html#ixzz0l6VNRwqj

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Answer by Soylent Obama
And bow, yes.

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Play in the snow
opportunities in norway

Image by Arendal Tourist Office
Children make use of every opportunity when the snow arrives in Arendal in southern Norway.

Question by A: Going on a foreign exchange?
Hey everyone!

I have the option to go on a foreign exchange to Norway, but I have no idea if I should go or not. I really want to visit Norway, but I am a rather shy person. I don’t know if I’ll feel comfortable on a foreign school where I don’t know 99% of all the people, and if I’ll feel comfortable living with strangers. The exchange only lasts for 1 week, though! Can anyone give me advice? Pros or cons? Should I go or not?

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Answer by K
its fun!

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