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Q&A: With a B.A. in International Studies, what graduate degrees are available?

Question by Awesome Possum: With a B.A. in International Studies, what graduate degrees are available?

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Answer by Ritesh

I do NOT recommend spending money on higher education in UK, USA etc. Because education in Norway, Sweden, Finland is completely FREE for Indians!! These universities have global ranking better than IIT, IISc and require no entrance tests to be cleared too, so you save tension of IIT-JEE or CAT for MTech/MBA/etc.

For studying abroad, the best country should be the one which is developed country + focuses on research + education + health etc. I believe Norway is the best for study, because Norway University are among the best in world (ever heard Nobel Prize, its given by Norway Universities). Plus PhD people get salary of 3000-4000 Euro per month as well.

So this would save you from spending lots of money or getting trapped with Education Loan. Just compare it with $ 50000 tuition fee required to do masters in Australia. So you save a lot of hard earned money of your Parents!!

Again, do check the official websites of these countries, like for Norway the site is http://www.studyinnorway.no Studies in Europe are way too easy as compared to India. For example, exam answer sheet is of 4 pages only, instead of 32 pages. Professors expect you to write as briefly as possible, and ask 4 question in each exam only.

Start searching for courses of your interest and apply ASAP, best of luck! God bless you.

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Would you like to travel to the Netherlands to immerse yourself in Dutch culture (think clogs, cheese and Flemish art) but continue your course in English? Could learning Asian business skills in a local language, and a few games of tea house mahjong, improve your global career prospects? Gain a competitive edge against your peers by studying at the University of Oklahoma, world-renowned for their research and teaching in atmospheric sciences. Maybe soaking up the Madrid sun, feasting on tapas and polishing your Spanish, while continuing your studies, is more your speed, or you might like to study alongside the scientists who played an integral role in the discovery of the Higgs Boson while exploring Israel’s most dynamic and diverse city.

As a Monash student, you can do all of this, and more, with an overseas exchange. Find out more about our exchange program here monash.edu/study-abroad/outbound/exchange/

Question by Hannah: Student study abroad in Norway/Sweden!?
i am a sophomore in highschool in pennsylvania, and i was just wondering what the best route in spending a year abroad in norway/sweden and possibly finland is? i have looked into almost all of the programs and have found the cheapest to be the rotary club (if i get the scholorship). i would love to travel through afs or a nationally known program, but whatever works. Also, if someone has studied abroad in any of those countries if they have any tips let me know!(:

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Answer by James Sebastian Walker
I live in Sweden don’t you dare even come here it is the most boring place in the world.

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