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Belgium vs Norway vs Sweden?

Question by Minchi: Belgium vs Norway vs Sweden?
I’m planning on studying abroad and I’ve narrowed down the choices to:1) Leuven, Belgium, 2) Oslo, Norway, and 3) Uppsala, Sweden. Has anyone lived/traveled to any of these places and if so, what was your opinion?

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Answer by Nannah
Hello! Im living and studing in Norway at the moment. University of Oslo, so I think I could help you with some informations :) Studing in Oslo is one of the greatest things I’ve done :) It is very easy to become a student here and people are kind no matter where you come from or what colour are you…everything is the same for all of us and thats what I liked very most. I speak norwegian and it has been easier for me then others in my class, but whrerever you go you can speak english, I think that everyone here speaks english. You will learn a lott, classes and profesors are great and you would have time for a part-job or even maybe fultime job. Oslo is not a big, but is very nice…many cultures, people all over the world…winter is long and cold, but summer is great, with long days and very short nights… Norway is great country, specially for students and I recomend it ;)
greatings :)

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Question by Ikea M: Occupation and Invasion of Norway During WW2?
I am doing a research project for history on the invasion and occupation of Norway during world war 2. Does any one have any information on it or links? I have to make a 10 minute Power Point presentation on it, Thanks a bunch!!

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Answer by ammianus
The attack began 9 April 1940.Germany received substantial iron ore imports from Sweden which were shipped through the northern Norwegian port of Narvik (ice free all year round), and Hitler wished to safeguard these by conquering Norway.
The plan was for simultaneous landings along the coast and parachute assaults at Oslo and Stavanger. The Germans expected to seize the King and government by surprise; the 12,000 strong Norwegian army was not expected to pose a significant problem.
Oslo was captured by 10 April, and the world’s first airborne assault captured Stavanger the same day. Assaults on the west coast were also successful, despite unexpectedly heavy casualties.Narvik fell on 13 April.
However, 25,000 British and French troops, with significant support from the Royal Navy, were landed to help Norway, and recaptured Narvik on 28 May after heavy fighting. Nevertheless, by now the Germans had consolidated their hold on the rest of the country and moved reinforcements and air support north.Due to disasters suffered in the Battle of France, the Allies evacuated their troops on 9 June, leaving the Germans to reoccupy Narvik, thus completing the conquest of Norway. King Haakon and the Norwegian government left with the Allies to set up a government in exile in London.The Germans installed Vidkun Quisling as a puppet ruler in Norway.
The German invasion was carried out efficiently and daringly in the face of possible destruction by the Royal Navy. Air power was ultimately the key factor in the German success, Luftwaffe units being rapidly deployed from captured Norwegian airfields.
However, the German navy suffered serious losses – over half the surface fleet was sunk and the battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst seriously damaged.This made the German naval high command very reluctant to participate in a proposed invasion of Britain later that year.

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