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If you did not have a green card, how long can you stay in the US?

Question by Ghost: If you did not have a green card, how long can you stay in the US?
My boyfriend from Norway wants to visit for a few months. He doesn’t have a green card. How long can he stay with me without a green card?

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Answer by jaker

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Burger/003/Hamburger With Mushrooms And Blue Cheese/Café Opera
opportunities in norway

Image by aha42 | tehaha
Place: Café Opera
Burger: Hamburger With Mushrooms And Blue Cheese
Points: 5.7 of 6
Reviewer: Me

Sizes: Only one and not stated but probably 150g.

Menu description: None beyond name.

Nano review: Wow, this was seriously good. The burger was very tasty and would not need the help of to much other stuff… But there was other good stuff here to! First, thank God no bloody fries (the art of making good French fries I fear has been lost) but boiled good tasting potatoes. Blue cheese really tasty on burger I found (if that cheese is not something you care for this is the only one on menu with it). Not a hot one but if you wanna have a few bites that way it comes with salsa, I liked that.

Others: Opera is an institution among our cafés, used to be a student place in my student days, not so much now I think. I used to like the food here a lot way back then. There was a change to the worse (I think) and I was no longer a student and so many years followed without a visit by me. Then new found friend in picture convinced me to give it a chance again. Why, she is French, of course the place is back with good food!

Serving time: Do you see a beer glass on table? No! Has The Arne stopped drinking beer? Don’t be silly! The waitress arriving with food took my empty glass with her. But the wait not a problem I say when stuff is this good.

Website: I do not think so.

Binary, would I consider having it again?: You bet! But may visit it’s siblings on the menu first!

Why another burger installation just after the last one? Well this was an opportunity that presented itself since I had to meet moon-in-the-fridge in order to buy a serious amount of high quality food from her and she knowing where the good burgers are!

Sorry, for national security reasons I can not reveal any details regarding the white plastic bags content in picture (the food). A request from my government.

Anyway, she was starving and after the wait for food to arrive she now had to wait for the crazy photographer to take food shots! In this last shot I noticed how she started to look at my burger! I put down my camera and had the best burger I can remember that my dad did not make…

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