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What year do European history classes start their lessons?

Question by Brendan: What year do European history classes start their lessons?
I had trouble phrasing this question properly in the space allowed above so let me explain:

When do students in European countries like England, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, etc. begin their history classes? European history goes back hundreds of thousands of years, so where do they begin their basic history classes? In the U.S. it’s easy to go over our history since their is only a couple hundred years of history for us.

Does this question make sense?

Thank you for your answers.

Best answer:

Answer by Jamie
We start learning British history sometime between 55bc and 1066, and it lasts until sometime shortly after Oliver Cromwell in 1650s. After that you just basically get taught about Hitler for the last 4 years.

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How does code dream? What are the dreams of code?

Piksel08 examines the other side of code, an alternative side to a hard-coded reality of work and play. Open hardware and free software project a utopic vision, yet exist within economies of capital, the dream factory of mainstream technology. Within the chance meeting of sewing machine and umbrella on the dissecting table, hardware and software are flattened.

Question by kamikaze: Which Scandinavian country has the strongest economy and most influential in the world?
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland

Of the five Scandinavian countries, which country has the strongest economy with the most stable political status, powerful military and is most infulential in the international society?

Also, which country provides the best educational environment with prestigious schools?

Best answer:

Answer by punapetteri
Norway has the best economy. Finland may have the most powerful military (not sure of this one). Sweden is the most influential and Finland has the best schools (in the whole world, too).

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