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Q&A: Pros and Cons of Norway and Norwegians?

Question by victorinox2520: Pros and Cons of Norway and Norwegians?
Anyone living in Norway can give me their opinion on the pros and cons of the country, people, etc..? thanks :)

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Answer by Giggdaw
I currently live in spain, but I have lived in Norway for the first 10 years of my life…

It is a beautiful country, with a lot of plants, so its quite green,
Altot of mountains, the terrain is very varied,
plenty of sea, so its a great place if you like swimming or fishing or scuba diving.
The people in Norway are mostly nice. They are helpful, happy most of the time, and there are more cultures there, like the Sami, the pakistani or people from Poland. The places to live range from unpopluated places away from the cities, to the bigger cities, like Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen. There is more crime in the bigger cities, but not nearly as much as most other countries.
You should also look up Fjords on google.
Oh, and if you live near a lake, you get free, unlimited water :D (I dont know if it is like that anymore, but it used to be).


Mainly the prices and the weather. The prices are not low in Norway. A bottle of water may cost 30 cents in Spain, but 30 kroner (more than 3 euroes) in Norway. Not the best example, but it shows the point. Luckily the jobs are mostly better paid as well, so once you have a job, you should be able to live ;)
The weather is very wet. 50-60 days of raining in a row is very common, and even at summer, rain is a regular visitor.
Two years ago, I was in Norway for the summer, for about 5 weeks. 2 days of those 5 weeks were rainless. Of course, this didn’t happen again, but it gets severe at that point.
If you don’t speak Norwegian, this is also a bit hard. It is a hard language to learn, harder than English and Spanish, but not as hard as German.

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